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Facilitators Guide

Introduction This guide

Introduction This guide is designed to support you in facilitating your group’s participation in the company Hackathon on 20 th April. Each activity is broken down into a step-by-step guide with a mixture of recommended language, instructions for each activity and guides on how to steer the conversation. We highly recommend you read this guide in advance of the session to familiarise yourself with the activities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email The Hackathon will be steered by MOK, the Founder of The Innovation Beehive and Joe Nagle, Innovation Director. We will keep you and the groups to time. Your role is crucial to ensure your group gets the most out of the session and that great ideas are generated. If you have any questions about the facilitation of this Hackathon please contact For a video guide to Facilitating the Hackathon please visit:

Session Plan Introduction to The Hackathon from Nick and Orla Re-cap of the Challenge Questions Generating Ideas #1: First Burst Ideas Generating Ideas #2: Challenge the Assumptions Generating Ideas #3: Parallel Worlds Sharing of best ideas Feedback on ideas for each Challenge Questions You will be facilitating your group through the three stages of Generating Ideas Each Challenge Question will be worked on in a dedicated area of the conference room. This is where you will run your break out group. Each area will have a Super Facilitator allocated to it. Their role is to collect in one idea from you, after each activity. These ideas will be showcased in the conference room. They will also manage breakout group size and, should we experience any nonattendance resulting in a small group size, they may ask colleagues to join or form another break out group.

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