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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

Dalston Lane, Hackney

Dalston Lane, Hackney Waugh Thistleton Architects Dalston Lane is the world’s largest CLT building, and a landmark project in the architects ambition to roll out the use of timber construction in highdensity urban housing, across London and beyond. The ten storey, 121 unit development is made entirely of CLT, from the external, party and core walls, through to the floors and stairs, weighing a fifth of a concrete building of this size, and reducing the number of deliveries during construction by 80 per cent. Attempting to tackle London’s demand for high quality, highdensity housing that provide a natural and healthy living environment, this groundbreaking use of timber technology has significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the building in terms of both material production and on-site time and energy consumption. 54 ECOBUILDER - THE SPECIFIER SPRING 2018


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