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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

Ambar Systems Ltd are

Ambar Systems Ltd are specialists in electronic access control solutions and Northern Ireland partners for Salto products. Ambar is a company that can deliver a complete solution for all your access control needs. We have experience in designing and implementing systems that integrate our Salto access control products with software specifically designed to automate the collation of data (user information) within various sector. Being based in the middle of Northern Ireland means we are ideally positioned to provide the best level of service possible to all our customers. In the world of intelligent locking solutions few products can match the highly advanced SALTO range which provides security, flexibility and control. Their investment in Research, Development and Innovation has enabled them to stay at the cutting edge of modern mechanical, electronic and software design. New legislation, improvements in working practices, ever increasing awareness of staff and public safety means secure and convenient access has never been so important - so it too has to continually change and evolve to keep pace. As a result buildings and workspaces need to be more flexible and adaptable, ready to incorporate new technologies using standalone door units with real time on-line systems that are inspiring to use, simple to install and able to work with existing IT infrastructure. The Company is currently implementing an integrated quality system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) to ensure precise management of all our processes and achieve the highest possible standards of quality for our customers. Our Products At Ambar we recognise the need for improved access control systems which are more adaptable and scalable. We supply a wide range of innovative Salto products such as the Salto Virtual Network and XS4 access control platform. The electronic escutcheons, wall readers, on-line and off-line control units now manage security access for a growing range of end users from Airports to Hospitals, Banks to Government Buildings and Universities to Hotels. Our Locks can be retro fitted, using virtual or wireless networks, to existing buildings which keeps installation timeframes and costs to a minimum. This is an excellent feature if you want to introduce access control to older buildings, or considering upgrading an older system already in place, by avoiding expensive disruptions and potentially damaging construction work. Salto are the fastest growing electronic access control Company in the world and due to its focus innovation is rapidly becoming the benchmark for all such installations. With a presence in five different continents and over 700,000 doors equipped with Salto to date. Salto KS cloud based system Every door deserves to be smarter. SALTO defines how your business access control should work. Making it easy for everyone. Making it simple for any door. • Control with convenience - The SALTO KS account allows you to define who goes where and when in a building. Create profiles for users, assign or block tags, define which doors they may enter on which days, at which times. • Communicate with all doors, at once - The IQ is the hub of the system. Finds the best connectivity to communicate with SALTO KS locks and the SALTO KS apps. • Give doors an upgrade - Doors access points are equipped with wireless SALTO lock, which takes commands from the IQ inside the property. Use any combination of locks to manage access throughout a whole property or even across different properties in different locations. • Say goodbye to copying keys - Tags replace that ring of keys, and grants designated access to visitors, employees, or even delivery services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter. Simply assign a tag, and define when and where that tag can go.

NEXT GENERATION KEYLESS ACCESS CONTROL For World class wire-free building security BATTERY OPERATED OFFLINE ELECTRONIC LOCK JustIN MOBILE APP BY SALTO BATTERY OPERATED OFFLINE ELECTRONIC CYLINDER SALTO MOBILE SOLUTIONS mean more convenience and more security. Using SALTO’s developed JustIN apps, SALTO’s two mobile solutions make it easy and secure to use smartphones as a part of your access control solution that brings real-life usability and flexibility to access control. SALTO’S JustIN Mobile Key app allows users to use their BLE-enabled smartphone to securely receive their keys online, anytime and anywhere, and then access doors directly with their phone. An alternative solution is JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO Virtual Network) that permits extending or changing access rights instantly and remotely Over The Air (OTA) using SALTO’s mSVN app for NFCenabled phones. Working with SALTO’s new ProAccess SPACE software, both of these mobile solutions easily and flexibly bring better security and usability to end-users as well as system managers. • End-users gain convenience and productivity without sacrificing security. • Facility managers distinguish their property with costeffective solutions that clients truly value. Email: -

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