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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

The importance of

The importance of passive The contribution to building protection by installed fire stopping products are often underestimated by businesses. The media very rarely report on the reduction in the effects of fires in compartmentalised buildings, even though thousands of lives and the buildings themselves are saved each year. The fact is there is nothing to write about when the destructive impact of a fire is prevented. Compartmentalisation works by preventing fire spreading and causing horrific injury or death to human beings or animals and indescribable damage to buildings. There are numerous reports about the heroics of firefighters risking their lives to put out fires (and hats off to them for their amazing efforts) or that a fire was stopped by the sprinkler system, but rarely is it attributed to compartmentalisation. Why is that? Is it that it is too complicated to be considered? Of course not, compartmentalisation is an easy and cost effective way to protect a building against the spread of smoke and fire. fire protection Polyseam’s CEO Kjetil Bogstad explains the vital role of passive fire protection and compartmentalisation in buildings. performed on the premises; the fire evacuation route; the fire alarm system and other systems linked to the fire alarm. This is evident in the designs the architect has incorporated into our new factory that was built in Huddersfield city centre earlier this year. Polyseam has for the last 24 years developed products to simplify the installation of fire stopping of service penetrations. Solutions to problems do not have to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Polyseam offer simple solutions through our brands Protecta and GRAFT designed and tested in apertures and services as installed in real situations and solved through complicated chemistry. We are not here to tell construction businesses how to insulate a pipe, or cut a hole in a gypsum wall. We are here to provide these businesses with effective solutions that can be adapted to meet their requirements for products, installation and performance. Time is the reason compartmentalisation is the most effective method to use against the spread of fire today. A fire can spread so quickly that it is almost impossible for firefighters to extinguish it without causing large-scale damage to the building. Fire can spread so rapidly in residential homes that an entire house can be engulfed in flames before the fire department arrives. Isolating rooms where fires are more likely, reduces the effects of fire on the rest of the building and increases the time the fire fighters have to put it out before it spreads. A fire compartment can be designed to restrain a fire for up to 60 minutes, which could be sufficient time to safely evacuate the building and for the fire department to arrive and extinguish the fire. That is if the fire does not burn out on its own due to lack of oxygen, material, or both. I have written a comprehensive technical handbook to fire stopping and service penetrations, which is available for download via our website www. protecta/downloads. The handbook provides details on which products should be used and where and general rules to fire classification. For further information on Polyseam or the products in the Protecta and GRAFT brands visit W: or call T: 01484 421036 Compartmentalisation is not the only consideration. Compartmentalisation of rooms where fires are likely should also take into account where the occupants are located, and their numbers, the types of activities being

The best choice to protect against the spread of fire Protecta® FR Acrylic is a 4 hour fire rated intumescent, which is widely used in markets across Europe. It is designed to resist not just the passage of fire but also an ever more prevalent issue of sound insulation and attenuation. Reductions of up to 62dB can be achieved with only a 12mm depth single sided seal, higher than most acoustic sealants in the market today. It seals pipes and cable penetrations with market-leading fire ratings to reinstate the fire integrity of masonry, dry lining walls, concrete floors, pipes and ducts. 01484 421036 l l /ProtectaFire l @ProtectaFire Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.

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