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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

Envirograf ® Protecting

Envirograf ® Protecting the irreplaceable LEAVE YOUR TIMBER SUBSTRATES EXPOSED THANKS TO INTUMESCENT COATINGS Class 0 & 1 and SBI: B/S1/d0 Fire retardant coating system for preventing spread of flame on timber substrates. 30 & 60 minutes fire protection to BS476 Parts 20 & 22. Intumescent coating for timber surfaces and timber products including doors. SOME OF OUR COATING SYSTEMS BENEFITS Allows existing wood to be upgraded to comply with both UK and European Fire Regulations Our Fire Coatings will last for a lifetime of the substrate, just maintain the Top Coat New range of final top coats with up to 12 years maintenance free Tested to both British and European standards Can be used on fully loaded floors Clear and coloured finish allowing to keep existing appearance of the substrate No need to plaster over and cover exisitng ceilings or walls Call: 01304 842 555 Email:

The UK’s largest manufacturer of performance doors and doorsets FIRE, ACOUSTIC, SECURITY, PVC AND LEAD LINED, DOORS & DOORSETS Supporting RIBA

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