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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

FD30 and FD60 Fire and

FD30 and FD60 Fire and Security door set solutions. Winkhaus helps door set suppliers to comply with BOTH Fire & Security regulations. Hardware specialist Winkhaus illustrate how their Fire and Security door set - test evidence solution achieved using a combination of their AV2 or AV3 auto locking system with industry leading composite or timber veneered door leaf, will help fabricators meet both the changes introduced by the Approved Document Q (Security), and the EN1634 – 30 or 60 minute fire and smoke resistance performance requirements. Winkhaus have invested extensively in fire and security test evidence to achieve “Q Mark Fire” and “Q Mark Security” certification scheme compliance. This evidence in line with latest SBD and DCLG guidelines can be made available to the door set supplier. The Part Q Security requirements of the UK building regulations add considerable pressure on a manufacturing business. The changes will require all doors supplied to projects that require planning permission to have achieved the PAS24 security standard, or comply with a number of other requirements aimed at improving security levels. CE marking regulations for fire door sets have also been introduced, (co-existence period until September 2019). The regulation stipulates that all fire doors should comply with the EN 1634 fire and smoke test requirement, as opposed to the original BS compliance. CE marking also requires that doors are manufactured within an independently audited factory production control or “certification scheme”. As CE marking falls into the responsibility of those placing the product on the market, fabricators could be faced with a long period of costly testing. The Winkhaus Fire and Security door set - test evidence solution will considerably reduce both the fabricator’s costs and time spent to achieve compliance. To satisfy different market demands Winkhaus have test evidence with two different outer frame materials. Winkhaus have introduced FireFrame ®, a low maintenance, fully finished frame system (No painting required) or traditional timber frame solutions both of which have been designed for FD30 and FD60 fire compliance and PAS 024 compliance. Both FireFrame® and timber frame options have been tested with the Winkhaus range of AV2 and AV3 auto locking systems. Further options include FD30 and FD60 composite door leafs and 44mm or 54mm internal or external grade timber veneered door leafs. Single leaf door assemblies with side or fan light glazing, and double door assemblies with door leafs up to 2800mm high. Winkhaus’ Fire and Security door set solution using the Winkhaus AV2 or AV3 range of multi-point auto-locks are available as an off the shelf fully tested solution. 84 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018

FD 30 FD 60 Thinking of specifying FD30 or FD60 Fire Doors? The Winkhaus solution combines the use of our industry leading autoLocks and frame systems with leading composite or timber door leaf producers to ensure: • Low maintenance fully finished frames and door leafs for FD30 and FD60. • Door sets are EN1634-3:2004 fire, smoke and PAS 24 compliant. • Third Party quality assurance through an audited scheme. We have invested to create solutions which make it easier for door manufacturers to make future compliant fire doors. A solution which is also designed to give you the specifier a product range you can trust! For information call: 01536 316091, email: SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018 85

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