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Never before have fire

Never before have fire precautions been of such a high profile than they are at present. It is well publicised that “sprinklers’ save lives”. Even if they don’t put the fire out, they allow sufficient time for occupants to escape safely – indeed they have done so in commercial and retail buildings for well over 100 years, so perhaps it’s time for domestic dwelling construction to catch up. Legislation passed by the Welsh Assembly some years ago means that every domestic dwelling constructed in Wales must have fire sprinkler protection, this requirement is now being applied as a “Planning Condition” in many English Councils. The cost of such systems installed, either as part of a new construction or refurbishment programme, need not be prohibitive. A typical three bedroom property can be protected for around £2,000 - the cost and physical trauma of an uncontrolled event is incalculable. Of the several options available to developers for sprinkler system, all require a connection to the water mains to ensure they operate effectively. Traditional solutions have previously required a “tank and pump” system, which whilst being suitable for blocks of flats is somewhat wasteful in terms of land management. Alternatively a direct feed of water supply, which relies on an internal cupboard – again taking up unnecessary space. Our Firebreaker system is the most recent addition to the armoury of sprinkler management tools and is designed to offer a minimal “footprint” and a “Fireman’s Switch” for sprinkler management systems, is compliant with all relevant Water Regulations and offers easy access for maintenance. Firebreaker literally ticks all the boxes for a sprinkler management system – the concept being endorsed by the Home Builders Federation. For further information and contact details, please visit our web site Have you ever thought that there should be a simpler way to replace a water service pipe other than ripping through the floor of a property causing days of trauma, mess and high cost involved? The simple answer is YES there is with INSUduct®. INSUduct® is a purpose designed product that eliminates the risk of freezing to incoming above ground water supplies. Thermally insulated, quick and easy to install and made from 100% reprocessed materials* INSUduct TM delivers an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to water pipe protection. Simply drill a core through the wall (min. 95mm), line it with a suitable duct and insulate with SHalloduct® product, line up INSUduct from outside the property and feed through a new water service pipe – the whole process taking just two hours or less! Not forgetting that water service pipes need to be insulated to a depth of 750mm below ground level, INSUduct® provides the total package to ensure compliance with Water Regulations. For situations where water pipes enter at first floor level or higher, INSUduct® offers the facility to “ladder” to whatever height is required. Whilst INSUduct® is on the “approved list” of most water companies, it should be noted that amending a water service pipe (with or without INSUduct) is a notifiable event and your water company should be advised in writing (using our downloadable documentation as required) of any proposal. Permission to proceed should not be held up, and deemed to have been granted if no response is received from the water company after ten working days. Available through multiple merchant outlets including mail order, all details of which are available through our web site As always, for further information, please contact us directly.

® What is Firebreaker? Firebreaker is a purpose built unit that enables fire sprinkler systems to be managed externally. A “Fireman’s Switch” for water supplies that supply fire sprinkler systems, Firebreaker helps to “design out” complex traditional systems and space wasting, both inside and outside of properties P Firebreaker is compliant with Water Regulations and water company guidelines, and is suitable for all types of plumbing arrangements. P Firebreaker can be attached externally onto a property both for new build and retrospective installation P Firebreaker removes the need to house space-taking fire suppression systems controls within the property, for example in kitchen cupboard space. P Firebreaker is cost effective. Mains fed*, it removes the need for large, expensive water storage units and is easily accessible for maintenance and management. P Firebreaker offers fire crews accessibility to sprinkler water supply controls without having to enter the property Contact Firebreaker Systems T: 01379 741993 E: W: *Subject to local water authority guidelines and permissions. Firebreaker is a registered trademark of Steve Leigh & Associates Ltd.

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