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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018


FEATURE ARTICLE: THE TILE ASSOCIATION The TTA offers many services for the specification sector The Tile Association represents the entire UK tiling industry, including retailers and distributors, manufacturers and independent fixers, as well as contractors and specifiers. The aims of the Association include the promotion of the industry, encouraging best practice, developing standards and offering training for members. It is the leading UK authority on technical issues relating to tiling. Its Technical Committee is influential in the drafting of, and amendments to, British/EN/ISO standards concerned with ceramic tiles and adhesives. By working with TTA members such as tile suppliers, tiling contractors and independent tile fixers, architects can be assured of the quality of workmanship, service provided and the long term success of any tiling project. The TTA offers membership for UK architects, which comes with many benefits, including free registration, free access to technical documents and technical seminars. The TTA now offers RIBA-approved CPD literature on virtually every subject related to tiling. The whole body of TTA technical publications has now been approved by RIBA and is available for download freeof-charge from the TTA website by registered architects and specifiers. All the TTA’s Technical Publications and Technical Advisory Notes are produced by members of the TTA’s own Technical Working Groups, in partnership with relevant external bodies. They contain full bibliographies and references to British, European and International Standards. Architects and specifiers have to carry out CPD training to keep their professional qualifications up-to-date, and the TTA’s ability to offer CPD material is another great service from the Association. The TTA met with the EUF at last year’s Cersaie tiling exhibition in Italy. The TTA was represented by: director and chairman of the training committee Bob Howard MBE, who is also president of the EUF; technical director, Brian G Newell; and company secretary Kay Porter, who also assumes responsibility for running the secretariat of the EUF. The topics covered by the TTA’s technical documents cover a vast range of subjects and are grouped into five key categories within the architects’ area of the TTA website. The publication groupings are: Ceramic Tiling onto Boards and Sheets; Ceramic Tiling onto Screed Systems; Internal Ceramic Tiling; Slip Resistance of Ceramic Tiling; Tiling of Wet Rooms and Cleaning & Maintenance of Ceramic Tiling. Each of the documents is about 40 pages in length. Together these now comprise a significant body of material which is RIBAapproved and provides architects and specifiers with the best available information and guidance on a range of general and specific subjects related to tiling. The full range of technical publications produced by the TTA’s Technical Committee amounts to a very significant resource for architects, building designers and specifiers, designed to assist them in their work and to make available the best tiling solutions for today’s building designers. The TTA is also involved on a regular basis with work, both in the UK and internationally, on creating and updating industry Standards applicable to the wall and floor tile industry. This includes Standards which define ceramic and natural stone tiles and which relate also to tile fixing, tile adhesives and grout. In all there are nearly 40 standards listed on the TTA website, linked to the BSI online shop, where specifiers can download them. The mission of the TTA is to promote professionalism and technical standards in the tiling industry. In order to further that aim, the Association is heavily involved in drafting technical standards for the industry, including the BSI. The TTA also takes a leadership role within the Federation of European Tile Fixers (EUF) to drive forward discussions with international partners on confronting technical issues affecting the global tile market. One of the TTA’s core roles is to represent the interests of the UK tile industry on an international stage, whether it is developing new Standards in ISO meetings or discussing best practice approaches on how to respond to the latest international tile trends and technological developments. 42 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018

Register with TTA for free access to technical documents on a range of subjects worth £50 each, including: Installation and Use of Uncoupling Membranes Tiling to Acoustic Systems Adhesives and Grouts In Internal Tiling Tiling to Calcium Sulfate Screeds Cleaning and Maintenance of Wall and Floor Tiles Tiling to Heated Floors Large Format Tiles in Internal Tiling Movement Joints Tiling with Resin Agglomerated Tiles Tiling to Raised Flooring Systems Slip Resistance of Hard Flooring Internal Ceramic Tiling to Sheet and Board Substrates Tiling in Wet Rooms Design and Construction for Swimming Pools To register, visit Images courtesy of ARDEX UK Ltd, TileStyle, Johnsons Tiles Ltd and Norcros Adhesives Ltd SPECIFIERS JOURNAL - SPRING 2018 43

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