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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

British-made quality

British-made quality Established in 2004, Multipanel UK brought ACP manufacturing home to Britain in 2014 to become the only UK manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels. Our UK factory uses the most advanced manufacturing and logistics technology in the industry to produce our Alupanel products. Our Aluminium coils are coated in a continuous, highly automated process according to ECCA and NEN-EN standards. The cleaning, pretreatment and paint application of our coils combine to provide unquestionable standards in durability and sustainability. At our site in Dover we have capacity to produce 6,500,000 m 2 per year of rigid sheet materials and our British engineering approach allows us to achieve the best price versus quality ratio in the market. Product Development Thanks to our continuous research and development – and listening to our customers’ needs – we have grown the Multipanel UK product range considerably since 2014. To complement our renowned brands such as Alupanel®, we added three new products to our portfolio in 2016, and a further four in 2017 which means we now offer thirteen products to the Sign, Display and Architectural industries, with more innovations in the pipeline. Growth & Investment In 2016, a £2.2m investment increased the performance of our UK factory & the stockholding capacity of our distribution centre by 50%. We are dedicating further capital to launch a second production line in Dover, increasing our annual production capacity by 2,500,000 m 2 . Global Distribution Located just 10 minutes from the Port of Dover, and 45 minutes from mainland Europe – we use a global network of well-established road, sea and air freight services to deliver our Multipanel UK products to distributors in over 60 countries on 5 continents. We speak 15 languages here in our UK offices, helping us to offer the best service possible to our international clients. Our production line is paired with a highly efficient mobile racking system and logistics process, allowing us to dispatch orders quickly and accurately for all of our customers. Architectural Panels The Alupanel XT Series is the modern option for creating beautiful, cost effective architectural cladding solutions with aluminium composite panels. Made using the very best raw materials from European suppliers, AlupanelXT is available in three variants; Alupanel XT with a standard PE core, Alupanel XTFR with a fire retardant part mineral core and, to satisfy the most stringent requirements regarding fire safety regulations, Alupanel XTA2 has a non-combustible core. The choice of core materials together with an unrivalled combination of quality and value, Alupanel XT panels provide an immense range of fixing options and a variety of processing and folding possibilities. In addition to their excellent fabrication characteristics, Alupanel XT panels are available in an impressive range of standard colours and finishes and we also have the flexibility to match almost any colour reference, ideal for corporate branding and other projects where a bespoke finish is required. Alupanel XTFR is made to the same high standards as Alupanel XT but with the addition of a fire-resistant core that enables these panels to achieve higher classification when tested for reaction to fire. Alupanel XTA2 is made using a mineral core that produces a panel to satisfy the most stringent requirements regarding fire safety regulations. However, these superb safety qualities don’t mean you need to compromise on design, creativity and style. Combined with great fabrication capabilities and a vast range of colours and finishes, Alupanel XTA2 provides the perfect solution for areas where fire protection is a major consideration. To complement the Alupanel XT range we can also offer Alupanel A-Core which shares the high quality visual characteristics of Alupanel XT and it can be fabricated in the same way. The big difference is the sheet manufacturing technology, giving these panels a non-flammable core made from aluminium. These panels are remarkably strong and rigid whilst still being half the weight of aluminium sheet or composite panels that have a conventional mineral core. James Meylan, Sales Director – Architectural, said “The comprehensive range of raw materials and almost infinite choice of colours and finishes from Euramax together with MultipanelUK’s commitment to product innovation ensure that Alupanel XT has a long-term position at the forefront of ACP cladding solutions. With the continuous review of global certification requirements, we are confident that we can provide a competitive, high quality solution for projects in almost any location.”

Architectural Solutions Fully BBA certified with 3 different core options including non-combustible A2. The Alupanel XT collection provides near unlimited design and colour options for architectural applications. Alupanel XT is easily fabricated and available with a PE or fire-resistant core. Offering an unrivalled combination of quality and value, Alupanel XT panels offer an immense range of fixing options, together with a variety of processing and folding possibilities and are available in a large range of colours and finishes. Alupanel XTFR and Alupanel XTA2 are made to the same exacting standards as Alupanel XT but have fire-resistant and non-combustible cores to satisfy the requirements of improved fire classification. RAL/NCS/BS colour references to suit specific project requirements Non-standard lengths can be produced Covered by a warranty of up to 20 years Multipanel UK have been globally successful in the Aluminium Composite Panel market for more than 13 years. In 2013, we made a multi-million pound investment to build our factory in Dover, becoming the first and only ACP production facility in the UK. Utilizing the latest technology in the industry, our purpose-built, high-speed line has the capacity to produce more than five million square metres of ACP per annum using the finest raw materials from European suppliers. For more information visit: UK Head Office +44 (0)1392 823015 • XT Enquiry Line +44 (0)1392 826960 • USA Office +1 718 841 9940 ECOBUILDER - THE SPECIFIER SPRING 2018 27

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