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ECOBuilder-Specifiers Journal spring2018

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For use on: Conference Hall Fire & Surface Contamination Protection for Wood & Painted Walls Safety & Environmental Protection made Reality Fire Safety Order 2005 Since 2005 it has been mandatory to meet current fire and other safety standards in existing buildings as well as new construction. Priority areas for protection were corridors, stairs, landings and common areas. The Risks Flammable Surfaces Wood is universally recognised as a contributor to flamespread, smoke and fire intensity. UKAS Fire Tests have demonstrated that non-combustible surfaces can create flamespread, smoke & flaming droplet risks if coated with multiple layers of various paints. Other Risk Surfaces Board and Artex containing Asbestos fibres were regrettably common in the 20 th Century. Flame Retardant paint based upon Antimony - a heavy metal which emitted a toxic gas to suppress flamespread - was widely applied before Antimony was omitted a few years ago. Painted woodchip and textured wallpaper have both been widely used, while anti-graffiti paints resistant to future paints adhering are applied to surfaces impossible to abrade. Fire Standards Required Fire Standards Current minimum compliant standards for corridors, stairways, landings & common areas are BS 476 Class O and the new BS EN Class B. Old & New British Standard Explained Old BS 476 Class O combines control of flamespread with fire intensity. BS EN Class B combines control of flamespread & fire intensity. The BS EN standard add protection from smoke - safe standards s1 & s2, plus flaming droplets - safe standard dO. Impediments to Safety with Fire Protection Products Compatibility of Finish to Fire Treatment All too often fire protection is compromised by overlaying with unprotected wood veneers or untested paints, varnish, woodstain or - even worse - oils. EITHER - finished surface veneers or coatings should have passed fire tests to Class O or B - ideally to s1 or s2, dO in conjunction with any pre-treatment - OR - a fire protective coating be applied from a manufacturer prepared to Certify the final specification to these standards. Complicated, Confusing or Demanding Fire Protection Products Many systems depend upon specifiers or contractors to know a surface’s coating history or otherwise assess surfaces’ flamespread risk. Other systems commonly depend on application of 4+ coats. Seldom are all coats applied. 30, 60, 90, 120 mins Fire Resistance Increasing Fire Resistance on wood, wood-based boards, plasterboard, cement board or concrete is notably less straightforward than flamespread protection. Each affected project’s relevant surfaces and construction need to be assessed individually. In consequence, in addition to information sheets, Thermoguard stress the need for expert advice from Thermoguard’s Technical dept., available free of charge to property owners and managers, Architects, Surveyors and Contractors. Designers have wanted to combine different visual effects with fire protection. To meet this need, Thermoguard developed a range of colour strengths, ranging from a “mist” through various degrees of translucence, through to opaque, based upon any BS, RAL or Woodstain colour. The photo shows an award-winning chapel project protected to Class B s2 dO by Thermoguard clear fire protection with Mist white overcoat seal. Protection made simple by Thermoguard To enable fire protection to be achieved in the real-world, 22 years ago Thermoguard concluded the following were needed. UKAS - tested finishes to apply over any basecoat or penetrating fluid requiring a finish. Products to provide Class O - and when BS EN arrived Class B s1/s2 dO on wood, wood-based or building boards, whether bare, wallpapered, coated with decorative paints & varnishes or contaminated with asbestos. Simple and economical 2 coat systems comprising 1 coat basecoat & 1 coat finish readily distinguished from one another to avoid coat omission. Certificate of Supply No. Thermoguard Fire Protection Coatings Kirkby Street, Hull, HU2 0HE This is to certify that: Responsible Decorators Of Unit 20 , Industrial Estate , Anytown, AT6 4ZZ Has purchased sufficient: Thermoguard Timbercoat & SFR To treat: 200 sq m Internal Softwood Partitions To achieve compliance with: Class B s1 dO The owners of historic Feering Bury barn required Class O protection for Grand Designs. The owners wanted and English Heritage required the wood to retain it’s natural look, so Thermoguard Fire Varnish Matt was used in an award-winning project. Packaging in 20 or 25 sq m and 80 or 100 sq m cans to avoid errors ordering or applying. A robust Fire Certification process for individual projects to give confidence to clients, specifiers and Authorities. Entirely water-based, ultra-low or zero VoC environmentally - friendly products. Point House York Date: 13 Feb 2018 Signed: Contractor’s Statement I / We certify that I / We have applied the products listed above in accordance with the manufacturer’s written specification and technical data sheet. Date: Signed: For and on behalf of: Maintenance 1. Maintenance should only be carried out using an overcoat approved by Thermoguard UK Ltd in accordance with Thermoguard UK instructions. 2. Small areas of damage are self-sealing in the event of a fire but should be repaired as soon as possible. Thermoguard Fire Protection Paints, Varnish & Penetrating Fluid are available from Decorators’ Merchants throughout the British Isles. 01142 768008 46 ECOBUILDER - THE SPECIFIER SPRING 2018

Security & Fire Protection Fire Paints, varnish, woodstain & fluid Individual Building Fire Certificates Free of Charge Class O & new Class B s1 dO - flamespread & smoke control Walls, Ceilings Standard or Multi-layer painted Antimony or Asbestos contaminated Wallpapered 1 coat insulating basecoat +1 coat durable decorative matt or eggshell finish No Limit to number of coats, any type of combination of typical wall paints Wood Paint, Varnish, Fluid, Clear & Woodstain Finishes Softwood or Hardwood Ply, MDF, Veneered MDF & Wood Particle Boards Bare, Painted or Varnished Internal or External (2nd coat finish needed external) 1 coat insulating basecoat +1 coat decorative matt or satin finish 30, 60, 90, 120 mins - fire penetration prevention *** Plasterboard Cement Board Concrete Wood Wood-Based Boards 3 or 4 coats insulating basecoat +1 coat decorative matt, satin or eggshell Kirkby Street, Hull, HU2 0HE 01142 768008 THERMOGUARD TEL: 01142 768008 WWW.THERMOGUARD.CO.UK EMAIL: TECHNICAL@THERMOGUARD.CO.UK 41

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