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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

Biomass boilers Within

Biomass boilers Within the commercial and industrial heating sector, ICOM has been working closely with CIBSE to develop PDTs for a wide range of products. ICOM Director Ross Anderson recalled: “ICOM has taken a pivotal coordination role in the development of PDTs for industrial and commercial heating products, acting as both an interface and a moderator between CIBSE and the ICOM membership.” To achieve this, ICOM members have come together to share their knowledge and create industry-wide templates that will prove to be of significant benefit to the building services industry as a whole. “I’m glad we got involved with the PDT process right from the beginning, rather than trying to get involved with various organisations for their ‘BIM’ offering,” observes Pete Mills of Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating. Joanna Houldridge concurs: “Ideal has found it very useful to work with other ICOM members 110 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL in providing information for BIM solutions. Working across the industry, in our opinion, is the icing on the cake as it allowed the templates and process information to be developed by industry experts. As they say, two heads are better than one.” Benefits of PDTs PDTs are designed to ensure that the data about particular, generic product groups is consistent across all manufacturers. As such, they address the inconsistencies that had previously characterised construction product data. With PDTs, engineers specifying these products are able to work with generic, manufacturern e u t r a l information. PDTs will also enable facilities managers to access asset information in a standard format. PDTs also offer benefits to manufacturers, as Richard Davies explains: “PDTs have helped condense relevant information into a consistent format that is easy for specifiers and installers to manage. They have also made it easier for us to compile relevant data into a consistent format that specifiers and installers will be familiar with.” Once completed, the PDTs become Product Data Sheets (PDSs) that contain digital information specific to each manufacturer’s product. The key is that, while the information may vary from one manufacturer, the data is presented consistently. “We would hope PDTs and PDSs become the norm in terms of how specifiers want to receive product information from manufacturers,” remarked David Pepper of Lochinvar. Looking ahead, Samantha Boshier of Hamworthy Heating predicts: “For the industry I think the full utilisation of the embedded information within the BIM object will be one of the next developments. We have seen our BIM downloads increase by 122% from 2014 to 2015. However, we also get requests for 3D dwg files which do not hold the embedded data. This data is vital to make the component valuable, without this data you don’t have the ‘I’ in BIM, it is simply a 3D model.” Work by ICOM members on PDTs continues. 34 PDTs are currently published with a lot more in the pipeline. The ones authored by ICOM include air heaters, burners, gas & oil boilers, gas boosters, shell boilers, radiant tube heaters, circulating water heaters and direct-fired storage water heaters and other product groups will be added in the near future.


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