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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

Systemair Worldwide

Systemair Worldwide Ventilation & Air Conditioning The company was founded in 1974 with a pioneering idea in developing and introducing the circular in line centrifugal duct fan which has simplified ventilation systems. Our motto “The straight way”, has now extended from a product concept to a business philosophy. Our range has grown substantially to include fans, air handling units, chillers, air curtains and heating products. Operating from the core values of simplicity and reliability, our business concept is to develop, manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. On the basis of our business concept and with our customers in focus, our aim is to be seen as a company to rely on, with the emphasis on delivery reliability, availability and quality. Product Groups we manufacture & supply:- Fans & Accessories EC & AC Air Handling Units - (HTM, Atex, Side by Side, Packaged) Residential Ventilation Systems Chillers & Air Conditioning Data Centre Cooling Units Air Distribution Products Frico Air Curtains & Radiant Heaters Fire Safety Service / Maintenance Selection Programmes available to download from our website: Systemair Selection Program 3 (SSP3) - General Fans & HRUs Air Distribution Products Software Systemair CAD - AHU design / Revit files Fan coil unit Selector Chiller selection software Fire Damper & VAV Product Selector Frico Heating Calculator Off Grid, On Grid or somewhere in-between? You might think that living off-grid for power to be a lifestyle compromise made out of necessity but, increasingly, it’s a choice homeowners are making for more pragmatic reasons. One common factor is how the technology involved has advanced to the point of making an ‘off-grid’ existence the same as being ‘on-grid’, with the added satisfaction of generating and using your own power. With the sun setting on the feed in tariff, complete self consumption of energy generated by solar PV installations has attraction and offers the best option for maximising the returns on investment in solar PV. Increasing concerns over the looming generation gap, fuelled by National Grid’s own public nervousness, is a further driver for grid independence. So the concept of ‘grid-defection’ is taking hold where individual consumers look to take themselves off-grid either partially or entirely. On a wider scale, whole communities, invested in energy efficiency are able to pool the energy generated by renewables in largerscale storage systems that can be backed by grid connection of restricted capacity and so get the best of both worlds. Such hybrid solutions have benefits for network operators where community energy storage solutions are able to absorb peaks in power demand providing grid resilience with the potential to avoid investment in upgrading grid infrastructure. This gives the network operators 116 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL additional tools to adopt broader measures for how grid resilience can be tackled. For more modest solar installations, another take on the self-consumption theme is moving part of your consumption off-grid. Making the garage with utility or the home office independent from the rest of the house is a popular move. For new connections to the grid, the threshold at which grid independence becomes more financially attractive is reducing. This can be attributed to how off grid installations have transitioned from typically bespoke and individual solutions to what are now factory built complete systems offering consistent quality and economies of scale through series production. The gridtogo ‘hybrid’ system pioneered this approach and was introduced a few years ago in response to the increasing demand for sophisticated off grid power. More than capable of supporting a house of farm for example, gridtogo can be delivered and plugged in as opposed to having a fortnights work on site to create a customised solution. What customers want is electricity - to be able to switch the lights on when needed, have a cup of tea anytime and be sure that the freezer stays frozen. Probably most importantly is a necessity to have the wi-fi service and internet connection uninterrupted. They want to go about their daily routine exactly as they would if they were grid connected. They have no desire to become experts in managing and maintaining electricity generation plant and so the equipment that sits behind being off-grid has to deliver that same level of performance, day in, day out. For those with a desire or necessity to be grid independent, the means now exists to do so without compromising life-style. One British company, Offgrid Energy Ltd, leads the way in this fast developing market and draws on the UK’s prominence on the world stage for the supply of power generators and solar PV systems. As a technology and manufacturing company, they have seized upon the opportunities both in the UK and further afield to engineer an integrated product that means grid independence is a cost effective and instantly accessible option. One thing that is for sure is reliance on grid connection as the only way to have dependable power supply is in the past. An alternative exists and the option to sit in the middle and have both very much a reality.

GI Energy industry leaders in heat pump deployment GI Energy have nearly 20 years’ of experience in the renewable energy sector and are now considered to be the industry leader in the design, installation and optimization of heat pump deployments. Fully acknowledging that there is no “one size fits all” solution to a robust and energy policy, GI Energy has evolved to become the complete Energy Partner delivering multifaceted solutions across many aspects of both the property and transport sectors in commercial, health, retail, tenanted accommodation, private residential and multi-use sites. As leading specialists and experts, GI Energy have developed many bespoke and integrated Ground Source System with a number of other renewal systems such as Air Source, CHP and Solar technologies. Carbon savings can be maximised – and payback times significantly reduced – if the synergies between different low carbon and renewable technologies are exploited to produce a system that delivers more than the sum of its parts. Many Private Developers of both commercial, residential properties, and Public Sector providers now realise that installing heat pumps into new or existing buildings alongside other technologies can bring both financial and socio economic benefits on different levels. Heat pumps are capable of delivering 100% of heating loads and significant amounts of cooling requirements, in an emission free way. By delivering excellent performance efficiencies, they save energy reducing the impact of inevitable rises in energy bills over the lifecycle of the development. The Government recognizes that heat pump led energy solutions are a fundamental pillar to the UK’s commitment to Kyoto and pay owners of renewable energy solutions guaranteed income over 20 years through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. It doesn’t just stop after installation too, GI Energy can help customers ensure that they get the best out of their carbonfriendly heating and cooling systems, through remote optimization and proper maintenance. Optimization means the delivery of heating and cooling into a building can be changed to reflect different occupancy levels and uses, as well as prioritizing carbon or money savings……and all done without costly site visits or intrusive maintenance regimes. Project rates of return consistently exceed 10% and payback times can be as little as four to five years. Forward-thinking companies are installing fully integrated renewable energy heating and cooling systems in order to deliver BREAM excellent buildings. The combination of CHP, heat pumps and solar technologies allows developers to meet planning and building control regulations in a cost effective, carbon reducing way. This also means for property owners that they are potentially improving the rental income and investment yields as Renewable Energy becomes a must for the future. Examples of sites enjoying the benefits of heat pump led energy solutions include: • One New Change, London • Oxford University Estates • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital • Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield • Sainsbury’s T: +44 (0) 24 7667 3131 E: Zero carbon heating with low running costs by design With installations across the UK, Minus7 has proven that their energy harvesting systems is at the absolute cutting edge of technology. Helping housing associations, developers, architects and innovators to award-winning success, this is a technology that cannot be ignored. Utilising the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and energy storage technologies in one building integrated solution, Minus7 solves all current issues of energy supply - not only can it harvest thermal energy day and night effectively down to -7ºC, it is capable of storing that energy, providing clean, consistent and affordable warmth with complete transparency as to how much energy is being generated, used and stored by the system. With minimal running and maintenance costs, using Minus7’s hybrid technology enables customers to generate heat and long-term income from their roofs. Alastair Hunter, Technical Director at Minus7, explains, “The energy distribution network in the UK is struggling. There is a very finite amount of time left for the current supply framework and something needs to change. The Minus7 system gives builders, developers and architects the opportunity to offer their clients a long term, ethical, complete solution to energy supply, bypassing all of the difficulties that the UK energy market is facing now.” Further information can be found at If you have project specific questions call 01983 282844 or email Watch this short video for more information on how our system works SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 117

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