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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

Within the timber

Within the timber preservation industry revolutions are somewhat rare. Typically more Darwinist than big-bang in its technological advancement, the traditional principles of copper amine timber preservation have evolved rather than undergone a seismic shift. Micronized preservative technology, developed in the United States by Koppers Performance Chemicals, is in simple terms that seismic shift that fundamentally changes the timber preservation landscape. Whilst the pallete of active ingredients remain broadly identical (copper carbonate, quaternary compounds, azoles, etc.), it is the production process and preservative delivery vehicle that have undergone a radical transformation. Rather than dissolving the primary biocidal active, copper carbonate, in an amine solution, Koppers revolutionary approach, developed over a 15 year period, has been to micronize the copper carbonate through a series of complex milling processes to reduce the size of the copper carbonate particle, which is then suspended in a water-based solution. The micronized technology brings with it Koppers Performance Chemicals Micronized timber technology environmental benchmarks (VOC free) • Improved compatibility with metal fixings and fasteners • Availability of a long lasting MicroShades pigmentation system Matthew Hempson, Koppers Performance Chemicals Business Development Director, says “MicroPro is a timber treatment technology which works differently, delivering at all levels of the supply chain. It ticks all environmental, performance, operational and aesthetic boxes.” Whilst micronized technology is a relatively of applications (landscaping, agricultural, timber-frame and particularly outdoor children’s activity equipment and public buildings). Paradoxically, in a society where appearance is paramount, it is its environmental profile which perhaps constitutes its greatest commercial attribute, enabling operational efficiencies and supporting commercial success, particularly in the specification sector. Micronized timber is both recognised by SCS, the international standards accreditation body, as an “Environmentally Preferred Product” and is UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certificated making it suitable for suitable for use in schools, offices, and other sensitive environments. some distinctive features, when compared to current copper amine based systems. • Faster drying • A clean, even light green colour, weathering to a darker attractive honey tan colour • No organic solvents, setting new new development within the European timber preservation arena, the MicroPro micronized technology is the predominant treatment method within the United States and Australasia, with in excess of 20 million m 3 of MicroPro treated timber product sold to date, the equivalent of decking the surface area of the United Kingdom threefold. Furthermore, the adoption of the technology as an industry standard is gathering pace with other industry players recently acquiring access to the Koppers MicroPro patented technology, such is its acceptance as the next timber preservative system. In short, the commercial proposition of Micronized timber is more than its aesthetic attributes; it is also one of substance, which will undoubtedly shift expectations and the market. For more information or about MicroPro or stockists, please contact Koppers Performance Chemicals. +44 1628 486 644 MicroPro Freshly Treated MicroShades freshly treated 16 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL MicroPro weather 12 months MicroShades weather 12 months Whilst the aesthetic qualities make the preservative system a natural choice for visible applications, e.g. decking and cladding, with micronized pigment systems such as MicroShades adding further value, its operational and environmental credentials mean that it is also the preservative system of choice for a broad spectrum

MicroPro Looks different because it is different A new environmental benchmark for timber preservatives FM 01724 FM 36409

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