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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

Phase 2 - CGI Garden

Phase 2 - CGI Garden view Switch House - East living area The London only sales launch of 254 new homes, ranging from studios to five bedrooms and two penthouses, took place in May 2014. These homes will be situated within the retained façades down the western and eastern flanks of The Power Station and on top of the boiler house – around a spectacular new garden square in the sky to be named Switch House East, Switch House West and Boiler House Square respectively. Plans for the commercial space include: three levels of retail, to create a unique experience and world-class shopping destination; a leisure and entertainment zone, incorporating a 2,000-person capacity auditorium, cinemas, conference spaces, a host of restaurants and cafes, a boutique hotel, 30,000 sq ft fashion hub for new London graduate talent and a multievent ‘popup’ space; six floors of office space – all centred around a single grand atrium; and a new civic public square and public piazzas. London based interior designers Michaelis Boyd Architects have designed the residential interiors creating a ‘refined industrial’ style which will speak of the building’s heritage. Leading UK firm Wilkinson Eyre Architects has been appointed to complete the detailed design of The Power Station as part of the restoration team. 20 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL Mace was appointed as the Construction Manager for preliminary works to the Power Station in 2013, while contracts to undertake various elements of the specialist heritage restoration and repair work have been awarded to leading companies PAYE Stonework and Restoration Limited, J. Coffey Construction Limited and Beroa Bierrum. Skanska was appointed as main contractor for the works on the Power Station in October 2014. At the southern entrance to the Power Station ‘Malaysia Square’ will sit at the heart of the development. The public square is being designed by BIG architects from Copenhagen and New York. One of the overriding design principles in the proposals is to preserve and showcase as much of the original Power Station – and pay homage to its heritage and the vision of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott – by exposing more of the listed fabric while creating new and dramatic spaces within the building to excite and delight visitors. To this end, Phase 2 will also see the dismantling of the four iconic chimneys which will be rebuilt with the same combination of concrete and steel reinforcement. The materials will be to more modern specifications and painted to match the original colour. This is necessary because the existing structures are in a state of decay and therefore unsafe and rebuilding them is the best solution for the site in the long-run. The replacement of the chimneys began in the summer of 2014, starting with the south west chimney. Once it has been rebuilt to a height of 25m, the simultaneous dismantling and reconstruction of the other three chimneys will follow. These works are due to complete in 2016. BPS South West Chimney at 25m close up. Photo: Dennis Gilbert

Longer term, there are plans for a lift to a viewing platform at the top of the NW chimney offering visitors 360 degree panoramic views of London’s skyline from a height of over 100m. Construction works for this phase commenced in early 2014, with completion due for 2019. Chimney Replacement Programme The chimneys are the DNA of the Battersea Power Station site. They are a world-famous landmark on the London skyline and reconstructing them is the first, most important priority in the restoration of the iconic Power Station. After half a century expelling flue gases from one of the largest coal-fired power stations of its sort in the world, the years have taken a toll on the current chimneys. Just over a decade ago a steering group was formed to carry out a thorough and transparent investigation into the condition of the chimneys and to consider the best future strategy for them. The group, which included concrete repair specialists, conservation engineers and corrosion consultants, undertook rigorous laboratory testing of numerous samples. The testing showed the concrete to have high chloride content and to be carbonated, resulting in corrosion of the steel reinforcement. The extensive conversations that followed, between industry experts, the developers, the local planning authority and English Heritage, have confirmed the course of action required. Phase 3 CGI - Electric Boulevard and Battersea Roof Gardens Each chimney will need to be painstakingly dismantled and then rebuilt to the precise specification of the original chimneys. By doing this the chimneys will have the same life span as that of the rest of the restored Power Station and remove the need to close the Power Station at a future date whilst this essential programme of work is carried out. The team responsible for this programme will have access to the original architects’ plans and specifications for the chimneys and therefore can ensure that the reconstructed chimneys are identical to their predecessors and will continue to define the London skyline for decades to come. Phase 3 - The Electric Boulevard, Prospect Place and Battersea Roof Gardens Phase 3 will be one of the most exciting areas of the development. It will offer a public pedestrian gateway to the entire development, linked to the new tube station and a high street otherwise known as The Electric Boulevard. Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners, have been chosen to collaborate in the design of this new high street: Gehry Partners is designing the buildings to its east while Foster + Partners is designing those to the west. Two residential development zones – offering 1,305 homes in total – will be located either side of the high street. Battersea Roof Garden in Summer SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 21

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