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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

40 Chancery Lane, City

40 Chancery Lane, City of London Bennetts Associates This project for developer Derwent London creates a mix of new office and retail space in the City, with the integration of an existing 19th Century building. The historic street pattern of narrow passages leading to open spaces and courts is reinforced by a landscaped courtyard with a gated entrance off Chancery Lane. Located on a prominent corner site within the Chancery Lane Conservation Area, the scheme has been designed to respect adjacent listed buildings and to acknowledge surrounding scale, materiality and key views. The scheme replaces a series of 1950/60s buildings on Chancery Lane and Cursitor Street with linked blocks separated by service cores. This strategy allows each block to extend to an appropriate height commensurate with the scale of the street which it addresses. The existing building at No 20-21 Took’s Court has been incorporated into the design, separated from the new construction by a slender atrium. Travertine marble, chosen for its empathy with Portland stone, is used for the highly modelled main façades of the new blocks. In addition to providing high quality, flexible office space, the Category A design sets very challenging targets for sustainability and includes innovative passive plasterboard chilled ceilings, exposed thermal mass and opening windows. It will achieve significant carbon reductions, compared with a more typical speculative office development, and is targeted to achieve BREEAM Excellent. 72 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL

House of Books, London SHH - Spence Harris Hogan Limited The property’s name derives from its previous owner, Labour leader Michael Foot, who was known as ‘The Old Bibliophile’ because of his enormous library of books, as well as his own personal erudition and authorship. Foot’s house was, in the words of journalist Anthony Howard, ‘dedicated to books – reaching high to the ceiling in bookshelves, piled untidily on tables, even scattered randomly about on the floor.’ On purchasing the property after Foot’s death, the new owners commissioned SHH to gut and remodel the house entirely, but in a way that was very much in keeping with the spirit of the previous owner. The new scheme is formed therefore around a stunning library structure that runs through all five floors of the property - as the new owners also happened to be complete bibliophiles, with over 100 linear metres of books of their own. The five-storey house starts with a garden level and goes up to a raised ground floor entrance level, which doesn’t extend fully to the far edge of the rear extension, so that a double-height space is created beyond at the back of the house. A master suite is located on the first floor, with further bedrooms and bathrooms for the family on the second and third floors. The new aluminium, double-sided bookcase is inset into the house’s new timber and steel-frame and is held in place by the house’s exposed structure, although in itself it is not a structural element – bar the high-tension cables that go through the bookcases, which form part of the safety railing for the staircase balustrades. SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 73

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