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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

The striking bright

The striking bright orange stair, which wraps round the bookcase on all five levels, is made of individual steel trays dipped in orange liquid rubber and bolted over individual cantilevered steel hoops. A curved steel hoop was bolted into each upside-down U-shaped tray in raw, blackened steel, with the top surface then dipped in vibrant, orange liquid rubber. The trays are open-ended so that the end of the hoop is visible from the far side. The stair runs up alongside the 74 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL bookcase on each floor, so that every book is accessible to the new owners and their family. The bookcase is made up of machined anodised aluminium sheets, which were precision-engineered and machinescrewed together so that there are no welds, with counter-sunk stainless steel screws so that every junction is perfect. The bookcase also features glazed, walk-on slots set into the timber floor directly in front of the bookcase at every level, allowing full top-tobottom views, whichever level you are on. The bookcase finishes 1.1m above floor level on the top storey with a skylight directly above, which opens according to an automated temperature sensor and closes when it rains. The brief for the interior, beyond the bookcase and stair structure, was to create a sense of surprise from the moment the front door opens, giving visitors immediate views on entry right through the house and through the rear extension to the garden beyond, rather than into the classic entrance hall and stair of a house of this period. A quiet and relaxing ante-lobby and working space is located on the entrance floor, together with a separate office space for one of the owners, who works from home. This area has doors that can be folded away, so that the entrance level area can be completely open plan when not in use, bar the toilet area. Sofas at the far end of this space give users views right through the two-storey space beyond and the glass sliding

doors of the rear of the extension, with the ceiling of the extension created one metre higher than the entrance floor level in order to create this sightline. The two-storey extension to the side and rear is made up of two main components: dark zinc and solid cedar, with the cedar wrapping around the corner edge. A series of angled louvres maintains views out but prevents immediate neighbours from seeing in. The extension features a sliding, glazed curtain wall system with slim (22mm wide) framing elements in black aluminium. A glass gasket runs over the top to allow the new to complement the old, with the glass integrated into the structure, but acting as a separation. The garden level formed by the new extension is the heart of the new home, with the interior madeup of a large, open-plan kitchen (from Bulthaup); a high-bar dining area; a more formal dining area and a seating nook, surrounded by a timber frame. The floor is in polished concrete, which was handpolished for a really high-quality finish, whilst the dining table was bespoke-designed. At the back of the space is a TV snug area and toilet. The first floor features the clients’ master suite and dressing rooms, with full-height walnut walls in the dressing room. The whole suite features fold-back double doors so that it can be completely open during the day and sealed off only at night. The bathroom is all in white with a single black mosaic wall. Family bedrooms and a shared shower room are on the first floor, with a family bedroom plus shower and toilet, and guest bedroom with a shower and toilet area set into a loft space with a steep, pitched roof on the second floor. SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 75

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