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Specifiers Journal 2016

Specifiers Journal 2016

The TTA offers many

The TTA offers many services for the specification sector The Tile Association represents the entire UK tiling industry, including retailers and distributors, manufacturers and independent fixers, as well as contractors and specifiers. The aims of the Association include the promotion of the industry, encouraging best practice, developing standards and offering training for members. It is the leading UK authority on technical issues relating to tiling. Its Technical Committee is influential in the drafting of, and amendments to, British/EN/ISO standards concerned with ceramic tiles and adhesives. By working with TTA members such as tile suppliers, tiling contractors and independent tile fixers, architects can be assured of the quality of workmanship, service provided and the long term success of any tiling project. The TTA offers numerous benefits for UK architects, including free registration, free access to technical documents and technical seminars. Technical documentation from The Tile Association is available for download free of charge to UK architects who have registered on the TTA website. This documentation includes both technical publications and technical advisory notes, which are constantly being amended and expanded. The 14-strong list of available publications includes such areas as Adhesives and Grouts in Internal Tiling, Design and Construction Process for Swimming Pools, Tiling in Wet Rooms, Tiling to Calcium Sulfate-based Screeds. Technical 78 SPECIFIERS JOURNAL Working Groups are currently preparing new publications on the installation of decoupling membranes and a Code of Practice for the Installation of Natural Stone Tiles and Slabs to Walls and Floors, and are also updating the existing technical publication Tiling to Acoustic Systems, to be published later this year. TTA members can download these documents free-of-charge, and non members can purchase them for £50 for the PDF versions and £50 + P&P for the hard copy versions. A recently-updated publication is on Slip Resistance of Hard Flooring. This document identifies that there are several different tests for slip resistance in use within the industry, which do not correlate to each other. This leads to potential confusion and incorrect specification of hard flooring surfaces. ‘This is an important issue,’ explains Brian G Newell, chairman of the TTA Technical Committee. “Slipping is the single most common cause of injury in the UK, comprising 40 per cent of all injuries, costing the NHS £133m in terms of bed days each year.” Brian Newell addresses the audience at a Technical Seminar Ceramic tiles are not inherently slippery when clean and dry, but the slip resistance of any type of floor covering can significantly reduce if it becomes contaminated by any form of lubricant, such as water or dust, depending upon the floor’s surface texture and footwear used. The issue is of such importance that the TTA is a sponsor of Slips, Trips & Falls 2016 – a twoday international conference aiming to help develop solutions to reduce the impact and incidence of this problem. In addition to the full publications, there is also a range of nine Technical Advice

updated BS5385, the Code of Practice for the ‘Design and installation of ceramic, natural stone and mosaic wall tiling in normal conditions’. Harvey Nicholls, Birmingham - entered by Trainor Stone & Tile in the 2016 TTA Awards Notes, which are available for free download to Members from the TTA website. These include such subjects as Glass Tiles, Fixing Porcelain and Vitrified Tiles to Internal Walls and Tile Trim Profiles. Taken together, the full range of technical publications produced by the TTA’s Technical Committee amounts to a very significant resource for architects, building designers and specifiers, designed to assist them in their work and to make available the best tiling solutions for today’s building designers. The mission of the TTA is to promote professionalism and technical standards in the tiling industry. In order to further that aim, the Association is heavily involved in drafting technical standards for the industry, including the BSI. David Talbot of the TTA chairs the BSI drafting committee for tiling, known as B539, and in total nine members of the Association sit on the committee. During the past two years, the committee has revised and extensively Members of B539 also represent the UK in European and international drafting committees relevant to the tiling sector. Brian Newell, TTA director and chair of TTA Technical Committee is the UK delegation leader on European Standards (CEN) and International Standards (ISO). Brian Newell also chairs ISO TC189 WG6 which drafted ISO TR17870 Part 1, “Installation of ceramic wall and floor tiles” and ISO TR17870 Part 2, ‘Installation of thin ceramic wall and floor tiles and panels’. The working group is also drafting Part 3 of the ISO guidelines ‘Mesh-back reinforced thin ceramic wall and floor tiles and panels’. In recognition of his work, Brian Newell received the first ever ‘International Standards Maker’ award for the tiling industry by the BSI at a ceremony in London last year. The TTA is also involved on a regular basis with work, both in the UK and internationally, on creating and updating industry Standards applicable to the wall and floor tile industry. This includes Standards which define ceramic and natural stone tiles and which relate also to tile fixing, tile adhesives and grout. In all there are nearly 40 standards listed on the TTA website, linked to the BSI online shop, where specifiers can download them. 4 Cowley Street, London - entered by Stone & Ceramic Ltd in the TTA Awards SPECIFIERS JOURNAL 79

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