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CCTV Surge Protection Device Prevents Your Expensive Cameras

We are offering an absolute surge protection device for your surveillance. CCTV surge arrester is a coaxial multi-stage video surge protector, provides multistage surge protection for single channel of video.

CCTV Surge Protection Device Prevents Your Expensive

Leading The Nation Towards Electrical Safety CCTV Surge Protection Device Prevents Your Expensive Cameras Lightning is the existence of natural electrical discharge of very short span and high voltage between cloud and ground. It can cause surges to enter inside your electronic and electrical equipments. Surges are the sudden electrostatic discharges due to lightning or switching. A CCTV system is outdoor equipment which gives protection from serious scandals like burglary, vandalism, theft etc. Recently as per the reports, a man was allegedly caught while breaking open the safe of a store with the help of Surveillance cameras. Therefore, they are highly exposed to lightning and particularly exposed to risk of surges. They are used to access control and supervision in almost every segment like industries, houses, petrol pumps, substations, stationeries etc. It is connected to the building’s main distribution panel, directly or indirectly. Therefore, they also need protection which provides a shielding to them.

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