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Holland Bracelets and Keychains catalog

The product is created handmade in Italy. Our eco-leather material is a viable alternative to animal leather. The product material allows us for the high quality of the material and durability. The wide spectrum of colors and variety of types makes our bracelets and keychains a very attractive and affordable product for you and your end customers.

Flag collection

Flag collection 501/1orange Flag keychain............................................. € 2 501/0/15.5 Flag Bracelet - close 15,5 cm............ €2 501/0/17 Flag Bracelet - close 17 cm................ €2 501/0/18 Flag Bracelet - close 18 cm............... €2 405/0/15.5 3 Scooby Bracelet - close 15,5 cm....... €4 405/0/17 3 Scooby Bracelet - close 17 cm........... €4 405/0/18 3 Scooby Bracelet - close 18 cm.......... €4 12

EcoDNA Terms and Conditions Definitions Buyer - the person who agrees to buy the Goods from the Seller by placing an Order Terms and Conditions - the terms and conditions of sale as set out in this document which constitute a part of the sales agreement between the Seller and the Buyer Order - the written or electronic document prepared on the form provided by the Seller and delivered by the Buyer to the Seller constituting the Buyer’s offer to purchase the Goods for the certain Price Confirmation of Order - the written or electronic information delivered by the Seller to the Buyer confirming that the Seller accepts the Order and will execute it Goods - the articles listed and described in the Order which are the subject of the sales agreement Price - the price of the Goods agreed between the Seller and the Buyer, excluding VAT and delivery costs Seller - EcoDNA, Agatha Dekenstraat 38-2 Amsterdam,,, KvK 61188247 The Sales Agreement By placing an Order, the Buyer agrees to purchase the Goods under the Terms and Conditions for the price determined in the Order. The Order, the Confirmation of Order and the Terms and Conditions constitute the whole sales agreement between the Seller and the Buyer. Product Warranty All products sold by the Seller are handmade hence they are subject to human error. The Seller cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the Order. The Seller warrants that the Goods will at the time of delivery correspond with the specification of the Goods agreed upon in the Order confirmed by the Seller’s Confirmation of Order with below exceptions. The Buyer agrees that the Goods may not comply with the specification when it comes to the features of the Goods, such as texture or finishing. The delivered products may also insignificantly differ from the Order in terms of the number of the ordered Goods. Ordering All Goods are produced based on the Order of the Buyer. In the Order form the Buyer specifies: the number, type and logo design of the Goods, the price of the Goods based on the unit prices provided in the Order form, the payment terms and form of delivery. The Seller accepts the Order by delivering the Buyer the Confirmation of Order. In the Confirmation of Order the Seller may grant a discount in the price determined in the Order. No alterations of the Order are accepted after the Order was received by the Seller. Payment The Buyer agrees to pay the Price of the Goods with due VAT as well as the other payments under the Terms and Conditions. EcoDNA All payments shall be made to the bank account determined in the Conscius plate invoice issued by the Seller. The Buyer shall quote the invoice number in the transfer name. All payments shall be due within the time specified in the invoice. If the payment terms specified in the invoice differ from the payment terms determined in the Order confirmed by the Seller in the Confirmation of Order, the latter shall prevail. Interest on the overdue invoices shall be calculated on the daily basis at the Dutch statutory interest rate. If the Seller and the Buyer agreed upon a down payment and the Buyer failed to make such a payment, the Seller may suspend fulfilling the Order and producing the Goods until the payment is made. Once the payment is received, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the Buyer. Delivery Delivery costs (including the packaging costs) shall be paid by the Buyer in the amount specified in the Order confirmed by the Seller in the Confirmation of Order. The delivery costs will be added to the invoice issued by the Seller - up to 5 kg: 13€ - 5-9 kg: 19€ - 10-20 kg: 22€ For orders above 2.000€ (net amount), the shipping is free. The Seller will not be held liable for the damage of the Goods during delivery. The time of delivery is conditional on the Order and season. The production and delivery of the Goods under the regular Order (without customizations and not exceeding 500 pieces) outside the busy period of the year shall take around 4 weeks. The time of production and delivery of the Goods ordered in the busy period of the year (November,December, June, July and August) may be extended. The Seller shall regularly communicate with the Buyer and update the Buyer with regards to the status of the Order and delivery of the Goods. Cancellation No cancellation of the Order is accepted. The Goods are produced solely based on the Order. Returns The Goods are not subject to return or refund. If the Goods do not comply with the specification of the Goods agreed upon in the confirmed Order the Buyer shall communicate that to the Seller in a written form or by an e-mail within 8 days from the delivery. After 8 days from the delivery no complaints are accepted. If nonconformity of the Goods with the specification is exceeding reasonable limits resulting from the production method (see Product Warranty section), the Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement with respect to the part of the Order which is faulty. In such a case the Seller and the Buyer shall return what their received under the relevant part of the sales agreement. The Seller will not be held responsible for the Buyer’s errors or mistakes resulting from insufficient information about the Goods.