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2017 Annual Report Final

K-9 & Mounted Patrol K-9

K-9 & Mounted Patrol K-9 The Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit is comprised of nine K-9 teams.The K-9 Unit consists of four breeds: a Dutch Shepherd, five Belgian Malinois, two Bloodhounds, and a German Shorthair Pointer. All teams are certified through the North American Police Working Dog Association. The Bloodhound teams are also certified through the National Police Bloodhound Association. In 2017, K-9 deputies conducted 45 tracks for lost persons or fugitives, and participated in 43 public demonstrations. The K-9 Unit was responsible for finding 108 pounds of marijuana, 28 grams of methamphetamine, and the seizure of $43,387. In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office acquired a German Shorthair Pointer for the corrections facility for the purpose of keeping contraband out of the facility. The Sheriff’s Office also replaced two retiring K-9s with Belgian Malinois and two new K-9 handlers. One of the three new K-9s purchased in 2017 was possible through a donation from a private citizen. K-9s are purchased at no cost to taxpayers using money from the drug fund. The Sheriff’s Office is also proud to employ Cpl. Allen Russell, a veteran K-9 handler. Cpl. Russell is just one of 22 instructors certified through the National Police Bloodhound Association. He travels to Europe each year to train search and rescue Bloodhound teams. Mounted Patrol Unit The Sheriff’s Office Horse Mounted Patrol Unit was formed in 2003 with two Tennessee Walkers that were donated by individuals in Middle Tennessee. The current unit consists of two Tennessee Walkers, Good Luck Chuck and Sunshine. The horses are boarded at Heritage High School, and are fed and groomed with the assistance of the students enrolled in the Equestrian Science program. 14

SWAT The Sheriff’s SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team is comprised of highly-trained deputies using specialized equipment to resolve critical incidents, while minimizing risk to the community. These incidents include hostage situations, barricaded suspects, suicidal persons, and high-risk search arrest warrants. SWAT members are trained to make entry into structures that may contain armed suspects and arrest them. Team members are issued additional personal protective equipment, such as ballistic helmets, tactical body armor, and eyeware to protect from chemical exposure. Team members are cross-trained in many aspects of law enforcement. SWAT members remain on call 24/7, and participate in mandatory training each month. In 2017, SWAT was called to respond 12 times, including two high risk search warrants, one barricaded suspect, two planned high risk arrests, three outdoor searches for dangerous subjects, and one search and rescue assist. During the 12 activations, the team made 18 criminal arrests. The team also participated in 17 public demonstrations. In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office purchased a Lenco Bearcat, an armored truck that is used to transport personnel, provide ballistic protection for deputies and citizens during critical incidents, deter hostile acts toward deputies and others, and navigate severe weather conditions. The vehicle was purchased by way of drug funds. Also new in 2017, an explosive breaching team was created, trained, and put into operation. Crisis Negotiation Team The Crisis Negotiation Team uses communication to resolve critical and potentially life threatening incidents. Members receive advanced training in crisis communication and specialized equipment. Their mission is to work with the SWAT team toward a peaceful resolution of crisis situations. Negotiators are on call 24/7, and train monthly. In 2017 the team was called to respond three times. They also send at least two negotiators to standby any time SWAT responds to a call or search warrant. SWAT & CRISIS NEGOTIATION 15

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