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2017 Annual Report Final


IJUVENILE CORRECTIONS Located on the second floor of the Blount County Courthouse, the Blount County Juvenile Detention Center is a 33 bed hardware secure facility used to detain youth who have been sentenced or are awaiting disposition by Juvenile Court. The Center is operated 24 hours a day and is staffed by 24 Sheriff’s deputies who have each received training specific to supervision of youth in custody. Medical services are provided by Southern Health Partners and BCSO Corrections medical staff. The facility is available for use on a per diem basis by Federal, State, and County agencies and is inpected on a regular basis by the Department of Children’s Service (DCS), and the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, the Department of Education, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Fire Marshal, and the Health Inspector, among others. With an emphasis on accountability, education, and rehabilitation, the mission of the Blount County Juvenile Detention Center is to encourage positive pro-social behaviors and attitudes that instill a sense of good will, positive self-esteem, and community citizenship characteristics. Upon intake, each youth is assessed for medical, emotional, and educational needs. Immediate emergency services are available when required, and non-emergency issues are communicated to Juvenile Court to ensure the needs of the youth are addressed. In conjunction with Blount County Schools, one full-time and one part-time teacher provide educational opportunities to include life skills training, continuation of current studies from the youth’s parent school, and/or GED preparation and testing. The center processed 452 youth in 2017 with an average length of detention of 5.65 days and an average daily population of seven youth. Each deputy received at least 40 hours of in-service training, and the center passed all inspections with no violations in 2017. Other agencies were billed $16,920 for the detention of their youth. 20

ICOURT SERVICES When court is not in session, deputies assigned to court security assist in serving civil judicial documents. Court Services is also responsible for collecting unpaid business, property, and personal taxes. This also extends to seizures mandated by court order. Court Services is directed to remove people from their residences after the court has returned possession of property to the landlord or mortgage company. These deputies may also have to remove children from parents or custodial guardians in certain custody cases. Warrants deputies are assigned to locate wanted individuals for whom the Court has issued criminal warrants. In addition to arrest warrants, warrants deputies serve all orders of protections. The Sheriff’s Office provides court security for court operations at the Blount County Justice Center as well as Juvenile court proceedings at the Courthouse. They are responsible for security of the Justice Center and the courtrooms, as well as security of jurors and prisoners who are brought to and from the courtrooms. They are also responsible for keeping up with thousands of criminal and civil process papers. In 2017, Court Services entered 14,617 civil warrants compared to 14,493 in 2016, and 6,631 criminal warrants, compared to 5,275 in 2016. Court services covered a total of 1,536 court sessions in 2017. Court Services provides security for the Courts and the Justice Center and Courthouse. Every person who enters the Justice Center and Juvenile Court must pass through a metal detector, and all purses, packages, and briefcases are reviewed through an X-ray scanner. Firearms, knives, chemical spray, cell phones, and other electronic devices are prohibited in the facility. Court Services also assists citizens serving as jurors. They are responsible for providing protection and transportation for sequestered jurors. New in 2017, all court services personnel were issued ear pieces for their radios for privacy, making their jobs safer. 21

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