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landscape designing courses in pune

Job Duties of Landscape

Job Duties of Landscape Designer ‣Using creativity and the beauty of nature to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and functional area. Areas may include personal lawns, parks, highways, walkways, and more. ‣Planning the finished product, tying in new features with current ones, by sketching it to scale. These drawings will be very detailed, down to the window and door placement on the buildings. ‣Performing site analyses that include the assessment of current plants, soil conditions, lighting, the view, and architecture style of the house. ‣Researching topics such as plants and their ability to survive in an area, guidelines and codes. ‣Make public presentations when necessary to discuss the project, complete with charts, sketches, and so forth. Mobile No. +91-7767904499 | E-mail :- |

Career Options in Landscape Design ‣Residential Landscape Design- Residential landscape designers work independently with owners of private properties or for an established residential landscaping firm. ‣Commercial Landscape Design- Commercial landscape designers improve the exterior spaces surrounding businesses, parks, shopping malls and other public spaces. ‣Landscape Design for Government Agencies- Landscape designers are employed by local and state government agencies to improve city parks, streets and highways. ‣Employment Outlook- Job prospects for landscape designers are good and tend to coincide with the development of new construction projects and the restoration of existing buildings, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Mobile No. +91-7767904499 | E-mail :- |

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