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Varutra Consulting:

Varutra Consulting: Offering Specialized Security Services with Novelty and Ingenuity ACERT-In qualified IT Security Auditing organization, Varutra Consulting, has clientele from India to Singapore, HongKong, Middle East, North America and Australia. Currently, they are focusing on expanding their presence in India. The organization started their voyage without any explicit investment. All the profit gained from their first project was invested towards company’s expansion. The organization understands and appreciates their client’s trust and their references which today have made them a renewed consulting organization. Working with a diverse range of companies from the fields of Technology, BFSI, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications to government organizations and many more, enables Varutra to allocate the best suited, experienced and most innate-talented team member to each client – assuring a highest level of service and excellence in every delivery. Their customer-centric approach allows them to provide security solutions that empower their clients and enable them to integrate security into their business effectively. High professional ethics, integrity, consistency, commitment, efficiency, and respect are the core values of the organization. Varutra has a proficient technical leadership that has the vision, superior technical competence, and the desire to excel and achieve the highest level of technical excellence. This technical leadership is the key factor behind Varutra’s success. Various endeavors are undertaken to ensure and maintain technical excellence Varutra follows technical standards as an integral part of all processes and practices. Moreover, continuous research is an integral part of Vautra’s philosophy; they believe that being at the forefront of research delivers the level of excellence in service that Varutra offers. With every other product, they claim to be innovative, path-breaking, and ingenious with a strong research-oriented approach. The Protagonist of Varutra Kishor Sonawane has Founded Varutra Consulting to offer customized IT Security services and trainings, which accomplishes client organization’s security needs in a sensible and thoughtful manner. He has completed his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pune. He has nearly two decades of experience in IT Security and specializes in Penetration Testing, Network Security Assessment, Web and Mobile Application Security Assessment to Social Engineering activities and has been speaker in training of Information Security conferences. Kishor is responsible for managing, framing and executing long-term business strategies. He leads the technology strategy and under his technical leadership, Varutra has achieved excellence in the research area and development of innovative products. Kishor asserts, “Varutra is well poised to address today’s and tomorrow’s IT Security concerns of organizations by focusing on providing technical expertise in security testing services, secure application development, InfoSec awareness and training which will help in addressing the core issues of information security.” Proffering Exclusive Products and Services Information Security Services: The organization is delivering four types of security program such as Mobile Security, Infrastructure Security, Application Security and IS Compliance Audit. Penetration Testing, Device Forensics, Source Code Review, MDM Testing, BYOD Audit comes under the Mobile Security Program. The Vulnerability Assessment, Network Architecture Security Review, Cloud Security Testing, Wireless Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, Device Configuration Review, Endpoint Security Audit are included in Infrastructure Security. The Application Penetration Testing, Secure SDLC Consultancy, Secure Code Analysis, Security Audit comes under Application Security Program and the last security program is IS Compliance Audit, which handling ISMS Health-Check Audit, Physical Security Audit, PCI-DSS Health-Check Audit and IT Security Audits. 64 | January 2018 |

“ With a dedicated, committed and focused team, we are expanding our horizons to every section of Information Security Industry Kishor Sonawane, Founder Information Security Trainings CEH Training and Certification - The organization is proffering Training Workshops for Mobile Hacking, Network Penetration Testing, Application Security Testing, Secure Code Review, ISMS Awareness Training, and VSecure Ethical Hacking Workshop. Secure Development Workshops - VSecure Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS, VSecure Web Application Development for JAVA, NET, PHP. Moreover, the organization is offering Corporate Trainings and Workshops for Secure Coding on most of the development technologies. Managed Security Services Varutra offers highly reliable Managed Security Services through consistent and effective monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Varutra MSS delivers real-time threat monitoring and analysis to minimize any impact on business operations and reduce the overall security risk to help organizations in improving the business continuity and enhance the efficiency of the security operations. Mobile Security Products MASTS: Mobile Application Security Testing Suite is a patent pending (No. 201621005110 and 201621005111) product developed at Varutra from its extensive research and experience gain into Mobility and Applications Security. The idea of MASTS was engineered with an aim to create an easy to use and intelligent automated solution, which simulates manual security testing as closely as possible. It reduces manual efforts, false positives and ensures effective testing results with minimal timelines. MVD: Mobile Vulnerability Database, a unique place to know about vulnerabilities reported worldwide for Mobile Platforms. MVD provides an easy to use a web interface to Search Vulnerabilities by Title, Version, KVID and CVE ID. “ OWASP KALP: OWASP KALP is a contribution from Varutra to the InfoSec community. OWASP KALP Mobile Project is for the users around the world who want to view the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, download the Top 10 list on their mobile device, and email it. This is light weight information of OWASP Top 10 list, Cheat Sheets as well as Prevention Cheat Sheets created from the OWASP site. Reaching New Heights by tackling Obstacles The major challenge that Varutra faced was in building a talented team by finding and hiring the best talent who understand Startup’s business environment and are ready to take up challenges in their career. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to find such resources, especially in the critical Information Security industry, where everyone is looking for the same type of technology skills. In general, the companies get a number of resources with profiles matching their requirements but a very less number of them are focused, motivated and dedicated professionals, who are essential for any organization. Naturally, competition in InfoSec industry is fierce, as virtually Varutra competes with every other organization with near about similar kind of services and product that they offer. It ranges from startups to the large enterprises. Future Road Map of the Organization Varutra is focused towards expanding their boundaries across continents and creating a global presence. Moreover, they have extensive plans for growth towards increasing their human capital which will enable them to improve their existing strength in manifolds. Kishor describes, “In near future, we see Varutra as the most preferred brand in InfoSec Trainings and Certifications both in Corporates and Academics, Mobile Security is the area where Varutra will continue its efforts to achieve the next level of excellence in product and services. We also have very aggressive plans to grow extensively in our Managed Security Services offerings.” | January 2018 | 65

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