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The 30 innovators Who Changed the Startup World

32 CNB: Building

32 CNB: Building Business with Efcient Shipping Logistics Kallows Engineering India: A Superior Platform 36 Changing the Game of Healthcare Industry 38 Kreate Konnect: Making Online Selling Process Faster, Smoother and Better Pentation Analytics: A One Stop Analytical Platform for Motor, Health, P&C, and Life insurance 42 44 Robolab Technologies: A Perfect Platform to Explore, Learn and Build Ideas

50 SmartVizX: The Creator of Interactive and Futuristic Environments 56 Startup Café Digital: Offering Success through a Full-service Inbound Marketing Vaidam Health: An Online One-Stop Platform for Medical Travellers 58 64 Varutra Consulting: Offering Specialized Security Services with Novelty and Ingenuity Xi Finserv Limited: Offering the Most Convenient Financia l Services 66

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