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10. WE ARE ARTISTS Make Your Own Stickers! Here is a great way to make fun, one of a kind stickers. This is a good project for all skill levels and lets little ones personalize their things with the stickers they made. You Need: Clear contact paper Permanent markers Scissors Tape How To: 1. Tape the contact paper to the table with the shiny side up. 2. Draw whatever you want with the markers. 3. Remove the tape and cut out your shapes. 4. Peel off the contact paper backing and have fun sticking your stickers on all your things. Page 10

11. SCIENCES: NEBULA EXPERIMENT ● Materials: -A transparent bottle. - Cotton and purpurin - Water - Edible dye or fabric dye - A pencil - Gloves ● Process: 1.Fill 1/3 of your bottle or bottle with water. 2.Add the coloring you have chosen. Mix well with a pencil or a straw. 3.Add cotton and press with your pencil or straw until this happens. 4. Add some glitter. Cover the bottle and shake it. 5. Put a little more cotton to create a second layer. 6. In another container, prepare a new solution of water and dye. When ready, pour it over the second layer of cotton. 7. Add more glitter and spread it with a pencil or straw. 8. Repeat the procedure until you have several layers of colors and your bottle is full to the top. Page 11