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2. OUR EDUCATION PRINCIPLES INDIVIDUALIZATION Offering an adequate response to the different motivations, needs, interests and cognitive style of each child. Each child has their own rhythm of development and constitutes their learning according to their experiences. GLOBALIZATION Present knowledge in a dynamic and interrelated way. The planning of teaching and practice will not treat the areas in an independent way if not in a related way. SIGNIFICANT LEARNING Establish relationships between what is known and what has to be learned. Learning must be motivating and connect with the interests of children THE GAME Through the game, children approach the knowledge of the environment that surrounds them. Because of its motivating, creative and pleasant nature, playful activity is of decisive importance in early childhood education. Page 2

3. WE RECYCLE We take into account the care of the land and pollution. That is why we teach from an early age the importance of recycling and respecting the environment. Through naturalistic intelligence, we use all kinds of opportunities related to nature to perform activities in our garden or with real fruits and vegetables. In class we always have recycle bins: paper, plastic or organic. WE MAKE FUN GAMES TO LEARN TO RECYCLE WE CREATE RECYCLED MATERIALS Page 3