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Local Life - Leigh & District - May 2018

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14 A frightful tale

14 A frightful tale Lowton author C J Harter takes the local area into horror fiction with her latest novel. C J lives in Lowton and has been writing for about 15 years, but surprisingly enough her inspiration for her latest novel ‘Fitful Head’ came to her on her daily dog walks at Pennington Flash. She said: “I walk at the Flash daily, and I can tell you it can be an eerie place when you’re all alone and the sun hasn’t yet risen. When the mist descends... anything seems possible. It’s the perfect setting for a ghost story. “I used to live on Bodden Street, and that house always struck me as the kind of place a ghost might choose to haunt: old, creaky stairs, dark corners, open fields out back. So I located my haunted house there.” But what’s to be expected in the book? Isobel Hickey is haunted by ghostly footprints in the snow, and a sinister stranger who knows too much about her. Isobel is plunged into danger when a mute old woman speaks from her death-bed, signalling a nightmare chain of frightening events where her deceased husband Richard’s secrets lurk and threaten her sanity. C J Harter’s book ‘Fitful Head: A Ghost Story’ is available to spook you now. • Supply • Fit • Repair Call us today for a FREE on site quotation TEL 01744 883 511 16 Standish Drive Rainford St Helens WA11 8JY

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