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Michael Berkeley 2018 All works

- Opera - Baa Baa Black

- Opera - Baa Baa Black Sheep Soli, SATB chorus of eight singers and orchestra (fl. (+picc. &a.fl.), ob. (+c.a.), cl. (, bn (cbn), 2 hn, 2 tpt, 3 tbn, perc., hp, pno, strings) Conductor’s score and parts on hire/rental 9780193352773 Vocal score on hire 9780193352780 This opera, in three acts, is based on the autobiographical short story by Rudyard Kipling of the same name. It describes how, as young children, Kipling and his sister were brought to England from India and sent to live with a retired ship’s Captain, his fanatical wife (Auntie Rosa) and their bully of a son, Harry. Auntie Rosa took violently against Kipling and the boy was constantly beaten. In his short story, Kipling constantly referred to his new abode as the ‘House of Desolation’, and called himself Punch, and his sister Judy. This childhood experience marked Kipling for life and explains a great deal of his later writing - the often terrifying elements of revenge, for example, and of course the escape offered by fantasy. In Something of Myself, Kipling acknowledged that it was during this ordeal that he first thought about children living amongst animals. The distinguished Australian novelist, David Malouf, is the librettist, drawing on Kipling’s own life and works. The opera marries up these two ideas using those elements of The Jungle Book that quite naturally seem to comment psychologically on the child’s predicament. Each of the other characters from one world has its counterpart in the other, and thus a comparison of human and animal behaviour is drawn. So, for instance, the bully, Harry, becomes Mowgli’s arch-enemy in the jungle, the tiger Sheer Khan. David Malouf has further endowed the child with the power to effect his own ‘wild justice’ - a power borne of the imagination which was itself the product of abuse and the need to escape it.’ 120 minutes For You Six voices & chamber orchestra (fl (+picc&a.fl), ob (+c.a.), cl. ( cl.), bn (+cbn), hn, tpt, tbn, perc (+timp), hp, strings) Vocal scores and parts on hire/rental 9780193359833 Libretto by Ian McEwan. Premiered 2009, Music Theatre Wales. The opera centres around Charles Frieth (a pre-eminent composer and prodigious womaniser); his ill wife, Antonia; their housekeeper, Maria; Antonia’s doctor and friend, Simon; a young musician, Joan; and Charles’ assistant, Robin. The relationships between the ‘players’ are tumultuous, with feelings of love, guilt, betrayal, and jealousy eventually leading to confusion and pain. 140 minutes Jane Eyre Five soli (soprano, young soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, bass-baritone), & chamber orchestra (fl. (+picc.&a. fl.), ob. (+c.a.), cl. (+cl. in A&Eb), bn (+cbn), tpt, hn, tbn (+b. tbn), perc., hp, strings) Vocal scores and parts on hire/rental 9780193352803 A dramatic retelling of Charlotte Brontë’s novel, with libretto by David Malouf. Premiered by Music Theatre Wales, at the Cheltenham Music Festival 2000. 84 minutes - Large Choral Works: Sacred - Gabriel’s Lament SATB & full orchestra (2 fl. (I+picc.), a.fl., ob. (+c.a.), 2 cl.,, 2 bn, cbn, 4 hn, 2 tpt, 2 tbn, b.tbn, tba, perc. (gong, t.bells, vib., crotales, tuned hand bells, xylo., timp., cym., tam., BD), cel., hp, strings) Conductor’s score and parts on hire/rental 9780193364585 As Berkeley began writing this piece commissioned by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, a much-loved family friend, Gabriel Bailey, died. He was born around the time Paul Bailey’s novel Gabriel’s Lament was published. Berkeley was inspired by eternal time, space, and infinity as well as whale ‘singing’ and the congregational singing found on the Isle of Harris. As Berkeley was finishing the piece, Richard Hickox (of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Chorus) passed away. This threnody is a ‘heartfelt In Memoriam to both Richard and Gabriel’. First performed by BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales with Thierry Fischer on 19 June, 2009 at St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 16 minutes - Large Choral Works: Secular - Or Shall We Die? Soprano & baritone soli, chorus & full orchestra (3 fl. (II+a. fl., III+picc.), 3 ob. (III+c.a.), 3 cl. (, 2 bn, cbn, 4 hn, 3 tpt, 3 tbn, tba, timp., 5 perc., hp, pno (+cel.), strings) Vocal scores and parts on hire/rental 9780193354029 This oratorio, with words by Ian McEwan and William Blake, was commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra Chorus and first performed in 1983. Influenced by that year’s events and possibilities of nuclear conflict, this oratorio grew out of the conviction that the responsibility of the survival of our species is not limited to governments, but is collective, involving every single one of us. Or Shall We Die? argues that only if we have the strength to bind feeling to intellect shall we survive. Lyrical passages of music are constantly interrupted by more strident sounds creating a relentless sense of unease. At the end there is a half resolution but over the final notes there lies the inevitable question mark - Or Shall We Die? 50 minutes

The Red Macula Soprano & baritone soli, SATB chorus & full orchestra Vocal scores and parts on hire/rental 9780193352759 - Piano - The Red Macula - The Ship of Death - Three songs to poems by D. H. Lawrence. This was the first commission undertaken by the new Leeds Festival Chorus and was first performed in 1989. 20 minutes - Choral Leaflets: Sacred - Advent Anthem SATB & organ 9780193376434 A setting of the Archbishop Rowan Williams’ text ‘Advent Calendar’ for choir and organ. 8 minutes At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners SATB double chorus & brass quintet/organ & opt. trumpet Vocal score available from Banks Music Publications Instrumental parts on hire/rental 9780193544109 A setting of John Donne’s sonnet. 8 minutes Build this House SSA/SATB & organ SSA & organ 9780193407190 SATB & organ 9780193407176 Setting a text taken from the Books of Sirach and Ezra, Build this House uses tonal shifts and alternating homophonic and polyphonic sections to create a piece that is both contemplative and joyous. It was commissioned by Cycle of Songs, for the Tour de France visit to Cambridge on 7 July 2014. 4 minutes Cradle Song SATB unaccompanied/opt. keyboard 9780193432192 A short, straightforward carol for SATB unaccompanied, or with organ or piano, dedicated to the composer’s brother, Julian. 1 minute Easter SATB, organ, & opt. brass ensemble (3 tpt & 3 tbn) Vocal score available from Banks Music Publications Instrumental parts on hire/rental 9780193541085 A rousing anthem commissioned by the BBC for its 60th anniversary service in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, July 1982. With words by George Herbert. First the sun, then the shadow SATB & organ 9780193395060 This impressive anthem is the second of two in which Michael Berkeley sets texts by Rowan Williams. First the sun, then the shadow uses words from his poem Emmaus, written in 2008. It was commissioned by Durham Cathedral Choir Association at the request of Archbishop Justin Welby. 8 minutes Laus Deo Semper SSAA/SATB & organ Vocal scores on hire/rental 9780193544116 For upper voice or mixed voice choirs. 5 minutes Listen, listen, O my child SATB & opt. organ 9780193397675 This anthem was commissioned for the Enthronement of the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, in March 2013. It sets a text from The Rule of St Benedict, translated by Michael Berkeley, counselling the recipient to ‘receive willingly and carry out effectively your loving Father’s advice’. The vocal lines are simple, flowing, and eminently singable, with alternating sections of unaccompanied chant and joyous outbursts from the full choir. 4.5 minutes Magna Carta Te Deum SATB & organ 9780193407213 This setting of the Te Deum was written for the Choir of Lincoln Cathedral Choir to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. It opens with a dialogue between the organ and strident unison choral lines, before moving on to the Sanctus, with alternating tutti and solo passages. Powerful choral lines and jubilant organ flourishes marry perfectly with the well-known text to result in a truly laudatory work. 12 minutes Stupendous Stranger SATB & keyboard/brass ensemble (4 tpt, hn, 4 tbn, tba) Vocal score available from Banks Music Publications Instrumental parts on hire/rental 9780193530515 Commissioned for the BBC Singers, and first performed in December 1990, this short work sets The Nativity of our Lord and Saviour by Christopher Smart. 6 minutes 8 minutes