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Michael Berkeley 2018 All works

- Instrumental - A

- Instrumental - A Mosaic for Father Popieluszko Violin & guitar 9780193555037 In this angry, passionate piece, there is much contrast between aggressive, violent sounds and soft, wounded ones. It is a memorial to someone who died an atrocious death quite needlessly. 13 minutes Persistent Memory Violin & piano 9780193451551 The composer writes: ‘Persistent Memory is a little six minute drama . . . although the piano begins as the more aggressive partner and triggers the violin into animation, it is in fact the piano that finally provides a note of resolution, or at least, partial resolution.’ 6 minutes Sonata for violin and piano Violin & piano 9780193554832 The work is in three movements - the first is fast and aggressive and is based on a sequence that repeats throughout the rest of the piece. The second movement is, by contrast, slow and would seem to have been bruised by the first. The final movement renews the aggressive vehemence of the opening and grimly combines it with material from the slow movement. The work has, therefore, an A B A pattern. 23 minutes Veilleuse (Night Watch) Violin & piano 9780193555280 This is a reworking of material from Berkeley’s 1979 Violin Sonata, and is an evocative and atmospheric single movement. Veilleuse means ‘Night Watch’ or ‘Night Lantern’, and the music has a slightly melancholy, restless atmosphere, which momentarily erupts in a passionate outburst before settling back to the quietly ticking, veiled lines of the opening. 10 minutes Variations on Greek Folk-songs Solo viola 9780193554924 The piece is a sympathetic glance at the Greek character and the variations take on an quasi-improvisatory feel. 7 minutes At a Solemn Wake Cello & piano 9780193408654 A virtuosic single movement piece for cello and piano which moves through a series of moods from mysterious and atmospheric to turbulent and agitated, and takes full advantage of the range of timbral, rhythmic, and textural possibilities allowed by this combination of instruments. 7.5 minutes Iberian Notebook Solo cello 9780193554894 A suite in six movements for unaccompanied cello, inspired by the composer’s travels in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. It incorporates fragments of traditional melodies and the composer chose the cello as a suitable instrument to depict the heat, richness, and cruelty that are part of Spanish history. 15 minutes Impromptu Solo guitar 9780193554856 This little impromptu was written in 1983 as a homage to Julian Bream on his 50th birthday. 3 minutes Worry Beads Solo guitar 9780193554917 Worry Beads is an atmospheric and flowing piece for solo guitar. After a slow introductory passage it launches into virtuosic semiquavers which continue throughout much of the piece, with fluctuating time signatures bringing rhythmic flavour. 6 minutes American Suite Recorder/flute & bassoon/cello 9780193554849 A playful duet for an interesting combination of instruments. 14 minutes Inner Space Solo flute 9780193358911 This small-scale work would make a useful repertoire piece, bearing in mind the need to provide compatible items for groups playing the Debussy flute/harp/viola sonata. 8.5 minutes

Last Breath Flute & harp 9780193358928 This is a small-scale work, which would make a useful repertoire piece, bearing in mind the need to provide compatible items for groups playing the Debussy flute/ harp/viola sonata. 5 minutes Fierce Tears I and II Oboe & piano 9780193555013 Both of these works for oboe and piano explore the emotions of grief and anger following loss or bereavement. Fierce Tears I and Fierce Tears II both use a melodic line taken from Berkeley’s Oboe Concerto, but it is developed in different ways in each work. 16 minutes Second Still Life Oboe, harp/piano, & optional tam-tam 9780193359826 In Second Still Life the play on the word second is very apt. Not only is it scored for just two instruments (although there is also an optional tam-tam part) but the interval of a second is explored throughout the piece. The piece is short yet memorable, exploiting the beautiful timbres of the harp and oboe. 7 minutes Dark Sleep Solo piano 9780193722507 This evocative solo piano piece looks back, as though in some troubled dream, to fragments of Purcell and Tippett. The widely spaced opening notes are interrupted, after only eight bars, by a quick and relentlessly turbulent passage. A brief reference to the opening of Tippett’s Fourth Symphony leads into a slower, more expressive section; a predominantly mysterious, even glassy sound world from which emerges the poignant notes of ‘Dido’s Lament’ from Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, now at last momentarily in its correct juxtaposition. Finally, a tiny fragment of the music is spun obsessively until it falls out of control and back into the carefully placed notes of the opening. 9 minutes Haiku Solo piano 9780193518506 Haiku is a collection of eight brief pieces which may be performed as a set or individually. Each is inspired by a different species of bird, depicting their movement rather than their sounds. 7 minutes Strange Meeting Solo piano 9780193722491 A work in three contrasting sections, each reflecting a mood of Wilfred Owen’s poem of the same name. The first depicts the ‘strangeness’ of the meeting ‘ . . . Down some profound tunnel’, and the second portrays the viciousness of war with violent, jabbing rhythms. This leads directly into a concluding chorale-like movement in which a kind of peace is attained, echoing the closing words of the poem ‘Let us sleep now . . .’ 15 minutes - Voice - Echo Solo soprano & piano 9780193365865 This song was written for the ‘NMC Songbook’, a CD of contemporary vocal studies. Of a romantic, wistful nature, it is particularly accessible, full of lush Poulenc-inspired harmonies. Echo was first performed and recorded in August 2008 at King’s Place, London by Ailish Tynan and Iain Burnside. 16 minutes Gethsemane Tenor, piano, & string quartet Score 9780193451544 Set of parts 9780193412330 A sacred scena telling the story, in Biblical text, of the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane. 12 minutes Grenadier Voice, violin, & cello Conductor’s score and parts on hire/rental 9780193555273 Grenadier was commissioned by the Housman Society as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the publication of A Shropshire Lad . Berkeley deliberately chose to set the words of Grenadier with a folk-like simplicity while the accompaniment is little more than an incessant drum beat. Thus the instruments used are interchangeable. 2 minutes Hollow Fires Solo baritone and piano 9780193379770 Hollow Fires is a cycle of four songs, setting texts by Hardy and Housman on the subject of love and loss. 9 minutes