7 months ago

Laser Workbook 2018


PHOTO FRAME SPECS: 11.625"W x 9.625"H 5" x 7" Photo JIG: 1/2" Corner PREP: Remove photo insert and easel. Assure frame sits flat. FINISHING: Wipe gently with damp cloth ZPHF0113 GREY PINE (PD-0012-00) 6 56200 26829 2 LAYOUT OPTIONS ZPHF0113A ZPHF0113B ZPHF0113E ZPHF0113F ZPHF0113C ZPHF0113D ZPHF0113G ZPHF0113H TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A160

PHOTO FRAMES JIG: 3/4" Corner ZPHF0176 WHITE FAUX WOOD (PD-0008-50) ZPHF0177 HOLLY (PD-0008-50) PREP: Load item upside down FINISHING: Shoe polish Wipe gently with damp cloth. If needed, use rubbing alcohol to spot clean. 6 56200 92267 5 6 56200 33042 5 LAYOUT OPTIONS ZPHF0176A ZPHF0176B ZPHF0176C ZPHF0177A ZPHF0177B TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A161