9 months ago

Laser Workbook 2018


ACCESSORY BOX SPECS: 6.75"W x 5"H x 2"D JIG: 3/4" Corner FINISHING: Wipe gently with rubbing alcohol ZKMC84 FAUX LEATHER (PD-0007-50) 6 56200 92292 7 LAYOUT OPTIONS ZKMC84A ZKMC84B ZKMC84C TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A96

KNIVES ZKNF60 3.56"W X 1"H 2.25" BLADE (PD-0010-50) ZZKNF60 (PD-0005-00) B11 JIG: 3/4" Corner ZZKNF60 ZZKNF74 FINISHING: Shoe polish Wipe gently with damp cloth ZKNF74 4.5"W X 1.25"H 3.25" BLADE (PD-0010-50) LAYOUT OPTIONS ZZKNF74 (PD-0005-00) C7 ZKNF60 ZKNF74 TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A97