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Indoor Signage Proposal (1)

* Each ad scheduled on

* Each ad scheduled on all 3 screens receives maximum weekly exposure of 965. Video ads displayed on our screens are interjected at 6 minute intervals between live TV content. Poster ads run continuously, each one is displayed for 20 seconds before change over. LIVE TV/AD WINDOW POSTER ADS PERSONALIZED RSS FEED COMPANY QR CODE

Rates are based both on the number of screens and the frequency in which ads will be played. Packages are tailored to accommodate business of all sizes and to meet different business needs. Pricing: * Maximum of 1 free change per month. VAT not included in prices listed above. Packages

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Indoor information signage is displayed in the facility.
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1 slide per page - Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
1 slide per page - Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
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The framework introduced in Part 1 proposes that applying the ...
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