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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


SECONDARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS By the end of the workshops students will have: Learning Outcomes • An understanding of the underlying basic principles of classical ballet and how these can be used creatively • Had an opportunity to create and develop their own choreography through a series of creative tasks using the repertoire as a stimulus • A deeper knowledge and understanding of MacMillan’s choreographic approach to narrative ballets using Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a stimulus • Further knowledge of the production including music and design This project can be used to meet specific PE curriculum needs such as ‘perform dances using advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles and forms’ and ‘analyse their performances in comparison to others’. Teacher Commitment & Training There will be an element of co-planning between the teacher and practitioner to ensure the practitioner is planning to the teacher's and students’ needs. The teacher must commit time to plan this with the dance practitioner in advance and be on hand to supervise. All student workshops are a further opportunity for CPD for teachers and teachers should therefore be fully engaged and immersed in the session. Following the 3 workshops, students should feel more confident discussing the work of The Royal Ballet and the legacy of director and choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan. They will have created short duets, solos and group work based on Romeo and Juliet. What happens at the end? A series of 5 workshops would further offer students the opportunity for an informal sharing of their choreography and feedback discussion; this could either be through recording and documentation of the sessions or a performance with guided feedback and a possible Q&A session. We encourage teachers to celebrate and showcase the student’s successes, perhaps in an assembly or performance for other students, leaders and parents. Other Resources/Support Costs Free resource pack/scheme of work will be provided, including possible cross curricular links. £465 for a series of 3morning or afternoon workshops. £775 for a series of 5 morning or afternoon workshops. 102

SECONDARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS Royal Opera House Provider Design Challenge (Secondary) About the Project The Royal Opera House’s (ROH) world class opera and ballet productions are brought to life on its famous Covent Garden stage through the amazing work of designers, artists and craft makers who create and manufacture the sets and costumes for the productions. The Design Challenge (Secondary) project gives students the opportunity to test and develop their design skills, based around an opera or ballet production. In 2018/19, the project uses the ballet Romeo and Juliet as a stimulus. Students will be set a professional brief to work towards; they will choose to follow one of two pathways: • Costume Design: working with textiles • Set Design: building a model box The project is closely aligned to the AQA and Edexcel exam boards and can be used as a mock exam framework for year 10 or 11. It will provide students with a real and practical insight into the world of set and costume designers and makers. It will open their eyes to the skills required for a career in backstage theatre crafts and allow students to develop their own skillset, extending their learning from school to a professional context. Teachers will attend a CPD session where they will be taken through the step-by-step scheme of work and be given access to all of the resources accompanying the project. The project will be teacher-led, thus offering exciting skills development for teachers in the relevant subject areas. Classes will also be invited to an Industry Day at Flagship Design Challenge college, South Essex College. This is for up to 20 students from each school, to give them tasters of their FE and HE courses in Costume, 3D Design, Graphics and Dye. Students will also hear from industry professionals and will find out more about their careers, as well as apprenticeships and work experience opportunities. 103