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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


SECONDARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS 3. Visit: representatives from the V&A will visit the groups once in-school to check on progress and offer further support in shaping material. 4. Performance: to be held at the V&A This is a time-sensitive project and the Intro Session takes place at the V&A, London, between September– December. Dates, Location & Format Suitability Learning Outcomes The dates and times of follow-up visits will be negotiated between the schools and the V&A. Final performances at the V&A, London, are on either Wednesday 24 April or Thursday 25 April 2019. Aimed at KS3-5. One group is permitted to take part per school. With a maximum group size of 30 students. • Enhanced appreciation of importance and influence of Shakespeare on wider world of art and culture • Practical experience of using Shakespeare’s language to communicate to an audience • Experience of performing in non-theatre space (V&A) • Increase in confidence and enjoyment in speaking and listening and group skills Teacher Commitment & Training Teachers need to be able to commit to attending the 2 hour Intro Session at the V&A, supervising groups in their work and attending the final performances at the V&A in April. This includes arranging transport to London. What happens at the end? The final performances will take place in the galleries of the V&A in front of other schools involved in the project and members of the general public. The V&A also have a rich source of material linked to the playwright and his work via their online resources. Other Resources/Support The Museum also has the National Video Archive of Performance (NVAP) which comprises of some 400 live recordings of shows. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are represented. Costs £150. The V&A follow-up visit to the school is free. Please note the following project will compliment this offer: • V&A: Schools Screening Archive 114

Post-16 Specific Offers 115