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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Our adult to child ratios are as follows: • 1:6 KS1-2 • 1:8 KS3 • 1:10 KS3-5+ School parties will also need to ensure there is a first aider and first aid kit in at least one of their class groups, ideally in both. What happens at the end? All programs are self-contained day activities designed to enhance national curriculum learning. We can provide pre & post course materials if necessary. Other Resources/Support All resources will be provided as part of our programs on the day, or if there is pre-course involved, digital resources will be provided. Costs A £130 group fee per class. Supervising adults go free. 16

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS The Complete Commedia Company Project Name About the Project Masked Comedy – Get Seriously Physical Project Bernadette Wakeling, the founder of The Complete Commedia Company (CCC) has been engaging in community-based projects and partnering with education establishments in Thurrock for 21 years. She has also worked in partnership to create performances at Village Beach, Village Green, Winchester and Edinburgh Fringe. CCC annually creates street theatre performances for Horndon on the Hill Medieval Feast and Fayre, using the masked street theatre style known as Commedia dell ‘arte. This style was popular in Italy when Shakespeare was busy performing in London. Its stock characters are recognisable in every age and every culture. As such studying them is a perfect excuse for exploring prejudice and discrimination, challenging assumptions based on appearance. CCC are offering sessions using the Commedia dell ‘arte art form to build confidence in young people to tell local stories. Meet the stock characters, Harlequin and Peirott and discover their relationships to each other. Work with their masks, their costumes and learn how the troupes operated. The sessions run across three weeks and include: Week 1: an introduction to 10 masked characters. Through mimicry all students will learn to move as the masked characters and have fun devising short scenes. They will choose to specialise in one character. Week 2: As that character, students will learn stage combat, slapstick, physical comedy and clowning. Week 3: In small groups the students devise a scenario based on a pre-negotiated theme. For example, A Level Drama students studied the arrival of The Windrush at Tilbury Docks through historical documentation and photos. Having discussed the themes of racism and class, they created a comic scenario that highlighted the characters of the age and referenced the stock characters of Commedia. 17