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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Suitability Our programme is designed to be as inclusive as possible, across all abilities, so it can be delivered across KS1-5 and for SEN groups as well as bespoke sessions for EYFS. An artist-led session can accommodate up to 30 students maximum, but we can offer two artist-led sessions running in parallel. Learning to Look sessions can happen throughout the year, including during school holidays, between Monday – Friday. Dates, Location & Format These artist-led sessions always take place at Firstsite Gallery, Colchester and last approximately 2.5 hours between 10:00-17:00. Lunch space can be provided for your group free of charge but must be requested at the time of booking. Our sessions can be tailor-made to meet the topic and learning needs of the group, so please discuss this with us at the time of booking. Many cross-curricular links can be realised beyond Art & Design, such as Maths, English & Science. Learning outcomes include: Learning Outcomes • Exposure to a cultural venue and artist exhibitions • Exploring art terminology and discussion • Creative thinking and expression of ideas • Discovering new art materials and techniques • Learning through doing: working with an artist Teacher Commitment & Training Teachers must take the time to liaise with the Firstsite learning team, in order to adequately plan for the content (if cross-curricular) and their visit to the gallery. Schools must also arrange travel requirements, information on travel to the gallery can be found online. What happens at the end? All artwork can be taken back to school or can be documented for reference and left on site. Other Resources/Support Teachers are welcome to conduct further self-led tours in exhibitions following the end of the artist-led session. If discussed during booking, the Firstsite learning team can provide relevant pre & post learning activities. Costs Artist-led Learning to Look sessions cost £150 per session, with teachers and supporting adults free of charge. 26

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Firstsite Project Name Firstsite: Offsite About the Project Firstsite is a thriving art gallery and cultural centre in Colchester, within an outstanding piece of architecture. Attracting tens of thousands of visitors per year, Firstsite boasts an eclectic mix of contemporary visual arts in a changing exhibition programme. In 1996, Firstsite became the first visual arts organisation to dedicate an entire gallery to schools’ art; and education and participation remains central to our mission, making it ideal for school and educational visits. We provide a range of opportunities for learning inschool and can work with you to curate bespoke sessions for your pupils depending on their age and abilities. Our Firstsite: Offsite artist-visit sessions take place at your school or college, with a Firstsite visiting artist who specialises in working in an educational setting across a wide range of age and abilities. These visits can approach a range of subjects, themes and topics through varied art forms including sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, printing and sound art. Artists could visit multiple classes during the school day to produce work based on school values and mission statements, specific topics and curriculum areas, or to celebrate something that is unique about your school. An example session, with a collaborative visual arts focus, is outlined here: • The school decided on large art murals for their school library. Prior to the session the artist liaises directly with the school to agree on design themes (in this example famous book characters were used) in order for the artist to prepare all the materials needed. • During the session each group has 45 minutes to work with the artist. Starting with an introduction, followed by the opportunity for experimentation with materials and creating their murals, all with expert guidance from the artist All our artists are experienced in delivering educational workshops with material specialisms, as well as being exhibiting artists with their own practice. 27