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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS • A short promenade around the site to a shared picnic in the communal gardens • A surprise pop-up appearance of our new addition to Kinetika’s puppet collection – The Tilbury Docker, animated by professional puppeteers Smoking Apples • Sharing exhibition of 2017/18 participating Thurrock schools whole class recipe books, as part of Kinetika’s Kitchen Table project 2. Carnival in a Day Happening in January 2019 this is a practical, immersive and action-packed experience day for teachers and students from up to 15 schools. Participants will opt for sessions in music, dance and design and over the course of the day they will create all the elements needed to make a carnival procession. Alongside this, students will be trained up as Carnival Ambassadors, leaving the day prepared to share their learning with other classes to make this opportunity spectacular back in school. Activities include: • A lively introduction to carnival, with a showcase of inspiring material from the artistic team, group warm– ups and sharing of ideas • The group will then be split into three, each with a focus on music, dance and design/making o The musicians will work with The Kinetika Bloco performance group to learn a tune (suitable for drummers, brass players and music teachers) o The dancers will work with Jeanefer Jean- Charles to create choreography for the Bloco tune, trying on Kinetika’s carnival costumes. o The artists will work up designs for their school carnival and have a practical making session with designers, Ali Pretty and Ray Mahabir. • During the afternoon the three groups will come back as one to bring all the elements together. This will allow dedicated time for teachers to begin in-school carnival planning, with their student Carnival Ambassadors. Suitability KS2 (year 5-6), KS3-5. Both events require the attendance of 2 teachers and 5 students maximum, per school taking part. 34

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Introduction to Carnival Dates, Location & Format Friday 13 July 2018, High House Production Park, Purfleet, 9:00-15:30. Carnival in a Day Thursday 24 January 2019, High House Production Park, Purfleet, 9:00-15:30. Carnival as an art form can inspire learning across a wide range of social and academic subjects including skills in: Learning Outcomes • Team building and social engagement • Working together as a community • Learning artistic methods and techniques • Exploring music and rhythm • Discovering movement through dance • Learning the importance of celebration As well as introducing specific curriculum skills in: Music, Dance, Design and Literacy. Teacher Commitment & Training Teachers will be expected to explore carnival themes back in school, with the resources provided and skills learnt during the two events. The chosen student Carnival Ambassadors will be ready to share their learning with pupils in school and drive the plans for their very own carnival celebration. What happens at the end? You could either create your own school carnival, or team up with other schools/MAT groups/geographical areas to create a carnival day, if you chose to do so. At the end of the summer term you will be invited to take part in one of a series of celebratory events taking place in Thurrock in summer 2019. We hope this will include an invitation to take part in Tilbury Carnival on 13 July 2019 (details and scale of these events will be dependent on funding). Kinetika will provide detailed carnival resource packs to teachers, for use back in school. Other Resources/Support Costs Kinetika can offer additional carnival workshops and schools should contact the Kinetika team directly if they have any enquiries. £500 for student and teacher attendance at both events listed. 35