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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Southbank Centre Project Name About the Project The Poetry Library Southbank Centre is a world-famous, multi-venue arts centre in London, with a dynamic year-round festivals programme and an inclusive ethos. It’s the UK’s largest arts centre, founded with the Festival of Britain in 1951. It’s a place where people experience world-class art and culture that stimulates, inspires, educates and amazes. The Poetry Library at Southbank Centre is the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain. The library contains 200,000 items and is growing all the time. We have comprehensive education and children’s sections. The Poetry Library promotes the reading of poetry for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Schools can choose from the following session options: 1. Poetry Explorers A class of up to 30 breaks into two groups with each group spending an hour doing Poetry Explorers in the library and a second hour doing the Poetry Word Search, an activity in which children find words across the site to create their own poem. 2. Letters Home Young students get a chance to discover alternative approaches to poetry that were created by poets during the First World War. Students read poems from this period and also write their own. They learn about Imagist poetry, visual poetry, typography and sound poetry. 3. The Poetry Box The Poetry Box activity links poetry and science. This activity encourages students to experiment with writing their own poetry inspired by an interactive box, where they view microscopic slides. Suitability Poetry Explorers & Letters Home are suitable for KS2 only. The Poetry Box, is suitable for KS3. Poetry Explorers and Letters Home are appropriate for SEN groups. Please discuss this when booking. 44

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Dates, Location & Format Dates need to be booked in at least half-a-term in advance. All sessions take place at Southbank Centre, London. Sessions only run on Wednesdays, between 11:00-13:00. The Poetry Explorers and Letters Home sessions both cover the following learning outcomes: • Word reading and comprehension • Writing: transcription and composition Learning Outcomes In particular, students taking part in Poetry Explorers will have the chance to increase their vocabulary and explore phonics in a fun capacity. For those taking part in Letters Home sessions there is a section on sound poetry which is a great way to explore phonics. This resource was featured in the TES as a great way to showcase writers that students might not encounter until university age. The Poetry Box asks students to read before they respond with creative work. There is a strong focus on figurative language (a KS3 requirement) and scientific language and how they overlap with creative writing through a shared use of register. They will also have the chance to discover a contemporary poet and to write their own poetry and imaginative fictional work. Teacher Commitment & Training What happens at the end? Teachers are responsible for booking all transport to and from the centre, as well as liaising with Southbank Centre to book dates and time for the session. All workshops are a learning opportunity for the teachers who should be fully present and engaged throughout. All students will get to take away their work which will include an example of a poem and a short story that they have written. Activities can then be developed in the classroom. Other Resources/Support There is a high-quality activity booklet that will be given to the students for the duration of the activity, to track their learning. Costs £235 per offer 1, 2 or 3 45