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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Thurrock Music Services Project Name MIDAS Visit About the Project Thurrock Music Services (TMS) currently work with over 90% of schools in Thurrock, as an Arts Council England funded music hub. This year they have produced offers for Thurrock schools, ranging from teacher consultation and Music curriculum support, to CPD and workshops for students. Marilyn Whiskerd is a classically trained musician and experienced Headteacher working in Thurrock for over twenty years. As School Engagement Lead with TMS Marilyn has already had a significant impact on singing standards within the borough. In partnership with TMS and the Royal Opera House, she was instrumental in leading school choirs in the 2016/17 Thurrock Music Festivals. She has been a driving force in developing a Singing Strategy for Thurrock. Marilyn has proven track record of delivering engaging, creative and practical workshops for pupils; as well as in high quality CPD for staff. MIDAS stands for Music Improvement, Development and Advisory Support. Marilyn (as TMS designate) will visit your school as part of a Bronze level consultation to discuss the following across two sessions, with a member of SLT and the subject lead, in order to promote improvement in your school music offer. The visit will include sharing a brief summary of NPME (National Plan Music Education) emphasising the duty of the Thurrock Music Education Hub (TMEH) to ensure delivery of the plan and the offer of support to schools through the work of TMS. Then the subject leader will devise and implement a Subject Development Plan that supports the overall school improvement plan. The two sessions, to flexibly include: • A meeting between the Headteacher (or designated member of the SLT), the school Music Subject Leader and TMS designated senior member of staff to complete self - evaluation against set criteria: o the quality of the school’s music curriculum 48

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS o the quality of teaching and learning o the quality of leadership o levels of engagement, standards and achievement of pupils o Identify recommendations for development and/or training needs • A joint lesson observation (20 – 30 minutes) of a ‘typical’ music curriculum lesson. This observation should be undertaken by the member of staff responsible for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning in music, alongside the TMS designate. The purpose is for TMS to provide quality assurance and / or to provide a CPD opportunity for a member of staff new to the role of observer. • A post observation meeting with the Headteacher (or designated member of the SLT) and Music Subject Leader to agree on recommendations and consider options of further support the school may need. Suitability Dates, Location & Format All Schools senior leadership teams and Music Subject Leads. MIDAS visits happen in-school, across the year, and two sessions usually require 3 hours each. These will happen on a first-come-first-served basis, with a maximum of 5 visits per term. Leaders are clear about the expectations of the NPME, their role and the role of the TMEH in making the vision a reality for pupils in Thurrock. Learning Outcomes Leaders can be confident that they have accurately evaluated, against local criteria, the present status of music education within the school. Leaders are supported to identify the ‘next steps’ development through agreed recommendations. Leaders have a clear strategic direction to secure subject improvement and raised standards. Teacher Commitment & Training Availability of Music Subject Leader for the duration of the visit. Availability of Headteacher (or member of SLT) for up to 1.5 hours of the duration of the visit. 49