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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Teacher Commitment & Training We would need a commitment from each teacher attending to provide some information on their subject area and age group beforehand, in order for us to tailor the workshop to specific needs. What happens at the end? Participants will be sent comprehensive notes on the CPD to support them in taking their learning back into the classroom. Trestle mask sets are available to purchase. Other Resources/Support The basic mask sets are £135 + VAT and can be preordered to be available on the CPD day, although not compulsory. Costs £40 per teacher 52

PRIMARY, SECONDARY, POST-16 & SEN OFFERS Trestle Theatre Company Project Name Yarico Performance & Workshops About the Project Trestle Theatre Company (Trestle) is a mask and physical theatre company with a highly regarded arts education programme. As a charity, our mission is to inspire people’s creativity through participation and dialogue. This particular project is a performance and workshop programme centred on the true story of Yarico, a young woman in the 17 th century who saved and loved a man who then repaid her by selling her into slavery. In bringing her story to life through theatre and drama, we explore Yarico’s world and her experience, as well as relating it to the contemporary plights of women who are exploited and enslaved. Yarico is a woman from a Native American culture, a saviour, a lover, a mother, a slave, a freedom fighter; in the nineteenth century, a children’s alphabet book described ‘Y is for Yarico’, showing how popular she must have been at that time. We believe that she has much to say to us today and hope that this programme will support students in discovering more about her, relating that to the present and inspiring people to engage with the basic questions of how we value and treat other human beings. A common model is for a whole year group of 180 students to watch a morning performance then take part in numerous 1 hour workshops with smaller groups. Schools can also just book the performance or just book workshops, which will include a short ‘storytelling’ version of the Yarico story at the start of the workshop. The performance of Yarico is suitable for upper primary and secondary students. Workshops can be adapted from KS2–5. Suitability We can provide a performance to a large group of students of over 100. We usually cap our workshops at 24 students but could go up to 30/40 depending on age and ability and with two facilitators present. 53