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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue

Guide The

Guide The Cultural Catalogue Guide This page explains the layout of the offer provided and highlights in which section you will find key information. Badges in the top right-hand corner of the page determine the type of activity. The badges highlight the key element of the project or activity. However, there may be other elements to the project. For example, a teacher-led project may involve a CPD. Illustrations in the ‘Overview’ section determine the genre of the offer. However, there are likely to be other genres incorporated in the CPD or activity. The banner across the top of the page, and overall colour determines whether the activity is appropriate for Primary, Secondary, SEN or all of the above. Illustration & Badge Project Name These illustrations should provide you with the main genre of the offer and information about the type of project – such as CPD. This outlines the name of the project. Suitability This section will determine the age/ ability and size of group that is appropriate for the offer. Dates, Location & Format This will include dates and times of any CPD, deadlines and any other logistical information needed for the smooth running of the offer. Learning Outcomes The learning outcomes will range from specific skill development to transferable skills to developing an increased awareness of, for example, SMSC and British Values. Teacher Commitment & Training The amount of time, engagement and support an activity needs will be clearly stated in order for expectations to be understood from the beginning. Communication and information 4

sharing with your Cultural Partners will be key to the success of each offer. Teachers are expected to take a collaborative approach to designing the sessions. The catalogue includes CPD and INSET workshops for teachers. However, activities for students are also an opportunity for teacher CPD. Cultural Partners will work closely with teachers to ensure their own learning objectives are achieved. What happens at the end? Any project culmination activity will be explained here. Teachers are encouraged to take the learning from any activity back into the classroom, using the resources provided. Other Resources/Support This will include resources, digital information and other wrap-around activities. Costs The costs range from FREE to £840. Each school is allocated a budget. But if you wish to select more provision for your school you can. Please be aware that the school will be committed to covering the additional costs. 5