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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS Other Resources/Support All storytelling props and children’s costumes will be provided as part of this project. Costs £250 for one workshop: Option 1 or 2; cost with an additional Musician £400. £350 for two workshops: Option 1 and 2; cost with an additional Musician £500. Please note the following project will compliment this offer: • Lyrici Arts: Out of the Box CPD 68

PRIMARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS Punchdrunk Project Name A Small Tale: A Teacher-led Adventure About the Project Punchdrunk is an award-winning international theatre company with a reputation for ground-breaking productions that blend classic texts, physical performance and design installation in unexpected sites. Since 2008, Punchdrunk Enrichment has delivered magical projects with over 100 primary schools, taking Punchdrunk's immersive ethos and high production values into school settings, creating experiences to inspire and ignite pupils’ imaginations and accelerate learning. Punchdrunk’s Enrichment project A Small Tale: A Teacherled Adventure is led by the teacher in the classroom. After reading a mysterious book about two tiny people, their adventures become surprisingly real… as they escape from the book’s pages. Will the pupils be able to get them back to safety before it’s too late? “Trapped inside the pages of a dusty old book, two tiny people are itching for adventure. If you find a book mysteriously moved or fallen from the shelves of your local library, you might wonder if they are near…” A Teacher-Led Adventure aims to inspire and develop imaginative teaching practices for literacy; placing the teacher at the centre of the creativity. Intrigue begins as you and your class read a mysterious old picture book about two mischievous and messy tiny people with a love of stories but when you return to the book the following day the pages are all blank, except for two sets of tiny footprints… and you discover that the tiny characters have escaped. Your class will be tasked with tracing their movements around the school, discovering sock sleeping bags, stolen pencils and tiny tipis in trees where they have camped out. The only way to return the characters to the safety of the book’s pages is to write them a story - and time is pressing as they are in danger out in the world of big people. Each student will write their own story, make a map of their school and write a letter over the course of the project. 69