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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue


PRIMARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS Royal Opera House Project Name Design Challenge (Primary) About the Project The Royal Opera House’s (ROH) world class opera and ballet productions are brought to life on its worldfamous Covent Garden stage through the amazing work of designers, artists and craft makers who create and manufacture the sets and costumes for the productions. The Design Challenge (Primary) competition gives students the opportunity to test and develop their design skills, based around an opera or ballet production. Design Challenge (Primary) is a 10-week teacher-led scheme of work taking students through the process of designing for theatre. The 2018/19 project will be based on Kenneth Macmillan’s Romeo and Juliet. Teachers will deliver the 10-week scheme of work in class through the Spring Term, using the resources and lesson plans provided. Each student will produce their own theatre designs and final piece, although there will be plenty of group activity and partner work throughout the process. Children will critique and experiment with materials and design ideas and record their creative process in their Design Portfolio. All students will work through the 6 stages of design: 1. Discover the piece 2. Interpret the story 3. Explore the world 4. Play with ideas 5. Select and refine 6. Make it happen! At the end of the project all students will have made their final design in the form of a model box. Teachers will choose one finalist for per class and submit their work to be judged by ROH professionals alongside students’ work from other schools. The school with the winning student will be awarded an experience for their class at the Romeo and Juliet schools matinee on Thursday 23 May 2019 at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. 84

PRIMARY-SPECIFIC OFFERS Year 4-6. Suitability One teacher per class is advised to attend the CPD. The teacher does not need to be a specialist in Art and Design. Thursday 29 November 2018, 13:30- 17:30 at High House Production Park, Purfleet: Teachers will be introduced to the project and resources. Thursday 4 April 2019: Dates, Location & Format Deadline for schools to select their finalist and submit their work online for the competition. Wednesday 24 April 2019: Winner will be announced on the ROH Learning Platform. Thursday 23 May 2019: Winners celebration day at the school’s matinee of Romeo and Juliet in Covent Garden, London. Students will: Learning Outcomes • Work to a real director’s brief • Create a Design Portfolio to show their process and document their decisions • Select and refine their ideas and justify their choices • Practice their making skills • Play with and develop their ideas individually and in groups • Consider elements of construction and materials (linking to Maths and Science) • Discuss and ‘pitch’ their ideas to their peers • Gain an understanding of theatre and an introduction to the design process Attendance at CPD and delivery of a 10-week scheme of work, supported by resources and the Royal Opera House team. Teacher Commitment & Training In the CPD, teachers will be introduced to the project and 10-week scheme of work. They will also see demonstrations and take part in the practical elements of the design process. 85