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TT1819 Cultural Catalogue

Badges A professional

Badges A professional development session (full day, half day or twilight) for teaching staff that takes place away from school and is led by a Cultural Partner. Most sessions will take place at High House Production Park. However, some Cultural Partners will host their CPD at their venue. One or a series of practical workshops for students that is coplanned with a Cultural Partner. This may include a visit to a cultural venue. A series of practical sessions for students, usually initiated by a CPD for teachers, that takes place in school and is led by a member of teaching staff. An opportunity for your students to experience live-performance by Cultural Partners, either in school or at professional venues. 6

Genres Activities with this symbol focus on more than one of the genres listed. Activities that incorporate and explore movement, often related to music. Activities that support English Language & Literature, relating to engagement with reading and writing. Activities that include themed planning, drawing and modelling, often linked to a brief, concept or idea. Activities that expose participants to a wide range of theatre practice, concepts and ideas. Activities that focus on creating, responding to and experimenting with a range of musical styles and genres. Activities that use a cross arts approach to explore historical sites with unique themes, stories and characters. Activities that involve using technical equipment, to create media for a stated purpose or topic. Activities that focus on visual arts, by exploring artistic theories or using art materials to create something new. Activities in which the participants will be using their voices to create and explore music. A specific activity that involves exploring film through a digital screening. 7