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EVENT FOCUS NEURON’S DANLEY DEMO DAY In order to showcase an array of products from US audio innovator Danley Sound Labs, UK-based Neuron Pro Audio recently held a well-attended and in-depth demo day at Manchester’s Academy 2 venue. Kyle Marriott, Managing Director at Neuron Pro Audio, described the beginnings of this transatlantic relationship: “I’ve personally been an admirer of Tom Danley’s work for over 10 years. After hearing the ServoDrive BT7 and LABsub designs that he made before Danley Sound Labs was started, I have been trying to get access to his advanced Synergy and Jericho designs since becoming aware of them. It’s taken several years for the large body of water between us to cease being a barrier, with importation and distribution of the systems carrying some logistical challenges. But we feel the time is now right for us to support the move back towards a higher fidelity, more efficient point source approach. “We became partners with Danley UK after their first demo around 3 years ago, and have been building up a steady following through word of mouth, gigs and private demos, but there’s been so much interest that a formal demo day with a broader range of products was needed.” Neuron showcased a variety of speakers from the Danley portfolio on the day, including the SM80, SH50 and SH46 from the Synergy Horn series, the SBH10 from the Paraline lens-based column series, the TH118, DBH218 and BC412 from the various subwoofer designs the company offers, and the almighty J3-94 from the large format Jericho series. “The J3-94 is relatively new, at around 18-months old,” Marriott said. “But all of the products are ‘of the same cloth’ so to speak and adhere to the same core principles of all of Danley’s work. We do have some exciting new products in the pipeline though, so keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks in the coming months!” Director of R&D at Danley Sound Labs, Tom Danley, originally found himself in the world of pro audio having arrived by a less than conventional path, which has greatly influenced the development of the company’s products. Marriott elaborated: “Tom has a long history of handling the more esoteric and extreme demands of military and NASA acoustic challenges with aplomb; including things such as subwoofers to communicate with elephants, simulate the effects of shelling and bombs on large buildings, silence helicopter rotor noise and acoustic levitation for space station analysis work. “This truly allows him to think ‘outside the box’ in his approach, and the Synergy Horns in particular show that a true ‘next step’ is viable to overcome the intrinsic shortcomings of the dominant line array approach in live and installed sound. It also helps that he’s an incredibly humble and open guy, always willing to go deep on explanations as to how his designs work and share his knowledge with those who are curious, and that’s something that Neuron embodies too so it’s a perfect fit for us - and it helps that the boxes sound great, of course!” The day itself was a great success for both companies, with walk-ins bolstering the 250+ registered visitors that made time to visit Academy 2. Marriott commented: “We welcomed a wide range of people, from venue owners, event promoters, system techs and engineers to rental houses and installation companies, plus performers and artists, across all levels of experience and size. It seems that the word is getting out that we have something special here. “The feedback after the event has been brilliant, and frankly we’ve been a little blown away by how many people have asked us to provide quotes for sales, installs and events right off the bat. The Jericho in particular really took people’s breath away, as it’s capable of handling huge crowds with 1 box per side, rather than the normal 12 boxes of line array, but the SH50 and SH46 have also garnered a tonne of interest with their hi-fi sound, ease of use and SPL capabilities. Even the harshest of critics have humbly stated that these are incredible products, which is all we could have asked for.” With the promise of new product “sneak peaks” to come sooner rather than later from Danley and Neuron, the questions remains - are we likely to experience them in anger in the near future? “Most certainly!” exclaimed Marriott. “It’s fair to say that there’s a bunch of interesting projects ahead for all of the systems on display, so be sure to keep a look out for them on shows. We’ll keep people informed of these and other events, and we also plan to host further demos later in the year for those who weren’t able to attend this time around.” TPi 10

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