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LITECOM Above: At the

LITECOM Above: At the time of TPi’s visit to The Cube, the Wonderkids production rehearsals were taking shape. “Having the height and distance in The Cube means we can ensure that the accuracy is representative of what it would be like in bigger venues. The system is getting more and more precise and further removed from being just a remote followspot. It’s certainly exciting to see where we take it in the future.” Another of the company’s innovations, spearheaded by its Network Manager, Michael ‘Havdrup’ Nielsen, is the Litecom app. When production starts on a job such as the ESC, so does the app; essentially serving as a communal space to share designs, video maps and lighting plots, preproduction records, fixture information, crew history and so on. As well as helping to coordinate production before the crew’s arrival on site and during the job itself, the app can serve as a treasure trove of information for production managers, manufacturers and rental houses on how every single component performed throughout. As Bremer Sørensen explained: “This means that every part of the job can be broken down and analysed after the job. Fixtures’ performance can be assessed, and the timing of each part of the load in and out can be recorded. This will allow anyone to break down an event in terms of hours, how many crew are needed to accomplish each task, and which tools are best for the job. “Every time you feed the app, you can retrieve data and grow the catalogue. This makes quotations become more precise as well. This is invaluable when working on big jobs and, while you don’t always get that production where the app fits, production value can be improved and other costs streamlined in the right situation. It’s in constant development and has proven another great tool at our disposal when pitching these larger jobs.” UNTIL NEXT TIME... With such an enviable arsenal of unique tools at its disposal and an unshakable ethos at its core, it is clear that Litecom remains in the position to act as the architect of its own future. Bremer Sørensen concluded: “We’ve invested a lot to get into the position where we can have this control over our business, particularly in the last 5 years. We haven’t spent the money on cars or flights to the Maldives or holding companies for our pensions. This company is our future and it is so important that we can point to where the money has gone. “It’s important for us to be respected for our quality, transparency and reputation and still be among the best in the market. That is fulfilment to us.” TPi Photos: Ralph Larmann & TPi 62

Photo: Johannes Krämer Vero is a large format sound system, which has been engineered for superior levels of audio and operational performance. It was designed and developed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced audio engineers in the world. Vero’s unique flying system ensures absolute driver alignment, which guarantees coherency and results in an incredibly immersive stereo sound stage. Angle adjustment can be made under load, allowing for arrays to be transported and flown in a straight line prior to being tensioned to exact angle settings. Load ins and load outs have never been more straightforward. Its meticulously crafted proprietary waveguides and driver technology produce naturally even frequency response and coverage. The result is uncompromised system dynamics, headroom and coherency, which is why Vero is appreciated by sound engineers all around the world.