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ITINERARY 09 18 30 44 56 OBITUARY 08 Noel ‘Rickey’ Ricketts. EVENT FOCUS 09 Katy Perry The award-winning pop star makes use of disguise gx 2 media servers. 10 Danley Sound Labs Neuron Pro Audio hosts an in-depth demo day at Manchester Academy 2. 12 Ennio Morricone The world-renowned composer turns to L-Acoustics for his 60 Years of Music tour. 14 Equipson Open Day The Valencia-based company showcases some of its latest prodcuts. 16 Imagine Dragons An Adamson E-Series system joins the 2017 Evolve World Tour. PRODUCTION PROFILE 18 Gorillaz Kel witnesses Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated rave for the end of the world. 30 Ibiza Classics Ste catches the electronic / orchestral crossover concert, presented by Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra. 44 Queens of the Stone Age Stew meets the crew working on the road for the mighty return of Josh Homme and the US rockers. COMPANY PROFILE 56 Litecom The Copenhagen-based lighting supplier gives TPi a guided tour of its various operations in and around the city. PRODUCTION FUTURES 64 TPi Breakthrough Talent Awards winners James Walton & Matt Didon talk about their blossoming company, ON LX. INTERVIEW 66 Ste discusses the future of AV with Barco’s Wouter Bonte. ROAD DIARIES 68 Tour Manager / Drummer Dan Woolfie shares one of his favourite tales... GEAR HEADS 70 Out Board Director, Dave Haydon, talks TPi through the R&D process behind the company’s RCX SMART Remote. PSA: THE BIGGER PICTURE 72 Ahead of Daytime TPi, Andy Lenthall discusses mental health in live events. INDUSTRY APPOINTMENTS 74 The latest movers and shakers. BACK CHAT 78 CODA Audio’s Global Marketing Director, David ‘Webby’ Webster talks shop. Fog is our passion! Battery-operated fog generators to be built into costumes and props, powerful Haze- and Fog generators from 650 W to 3 kW, a 9 kW machine to fill big halls and stadiums, a powerful low fog machine as a low power or high power version and an attachment to produce low fog: We have the right machine for any effect. Tiny S, Tiny FX, Tiny CX, Power-Tiny Battery-operated fog generators, 30 W/70 W/400 W Unique 2.1 Haze generator DMX, 1500 W Viper S, Viper nt, Viper 2.6 & Orka Fog generator DMX, 650 W, 1300 W, 2600 W, 3000 W & 9000 W Cryo-Fog Low fog generator 2300 W, low pressure or high pressure version Cryo-Gate Attachment for low fog, to be connected to any normal fog generator Look-Fan DMX Fan 850 W, DMX controllable Look Solutions Fog machines made in Germany Buenteweg 33 · DE-30989 Gehrden Phone +49-(0)5108 - 91 22 10 · Fax 91 22 111 ·