8 months ago

RMG WayView - Next Generation Wayfinding


UNIQUE FEATURES, POWERFUL DESIGN RMG Wayview provides a range of differentiating features making it the dynamic wayfinding system of choice for many organisations around the world: Multiple end points Run the solution on stand alone or connected screens, kiosks, interactive LED displays or any possible visual end point that best suits your venue and communications strategy. Mobile compatible Send live location based instructions straight to visitors mobile phone and provide them with the ability to design their perfect efficient journey. Visitors can also use the WayView mobile app for increased usability. 2D, 2.5D as well as 3D visuals Our team of visual design experts provides detailed 2D, 2.5D or 3D mapping of the venue in astonishing detail, leaving no stone unturned to guide your audiences in style. Multi-lingual interface The WayView system is standard available in a wide range of languages making a global implementation quick and costeffective. Fully Interactive Allow visitors to fully interact with the WayView system and receive any additional information they desire as well as leave comments for their peers. Embed social media for an even more immersive experience. Events management Wayview provides a very clear and easy to use events calendar informing people in a dynamic and pro-active way of current and upcoming interesting events Multimodal Navigation Create alternate routes based on specific user characteristics, such as wheel chair friendly itineraries for example. Built in advertising engine With robust built-in advertising capabilities, IVS WayView allows owners to incorporate store or dynamic promotional information, including special offers and events, along a visitor’s route.

BEYOND WAYFINDING At RMG we understand that wayfinding can be much more than a tool to guide people around a venue or premises. That is why WayView is built to allow flexible integrations with any third party system or database. Connect your wayfinding solution to the following for a richer interactive and immersive experience: SMS Intergration RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi External databases Dynamic Websites and e-commerce Mobile Beacon technology Advertising platforms Korbyt and ES CMS platforms A POWERFUL MARKETING BOOST IVS WayView also serves as a customer acquisition tool by allowing visitors to opt-in to store specific loyalty programs for permission-based marketing activities. Allow users to request and receive information directly in their email inbox or mobile phone. Connect people’s routes to live promotions, e-commerce shops and online shopping carts for a seamless all round retail experience. Banner and full screen advertising within WayView provides a powerful tool to put brands in the spotlight. AN INTEGRATED ENTERPRISE SOLUTION WayView is completely integrated with RMG’s state-of-the-art visual communications CMS platforms, Korbyt and ES. Make WV an integral part of your enterprise wide communications strategy and manage your cross-platform digital signage networks from one central location any time and from anywhere through the cloud. A COMPLETE SOURCE OF INFORMATION Within WayView, you can provide a wide range of information on the venue and every element of it. Content is organised in categories and sub-categories. By simply clicking on any element on the map, the user can visualise any information on that particular item, from easy access to the website all the way to HD image galleries, the promotions of the day and special in-store events coming up. WayViews easy and intelligent search function furthermore helps the user to navigate the information in a seamless and easy way.