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Diary View Tip DIARY

Diary View Tip DIARY VIEW Using the ‘View’ dropdown menu within the diary screen is a useful way to display the diary to your preference. 1. Click the ‘View’ button within the diary screen, then click on the ‘Times Display’ submenu. 2. Use the tick boxes to customise the diary’s view 3. Untick the box labelled ‘Show Multiline Time’ to see simplified appointment slots (see next slide) 4. Alternatively use the ‘Times Available or ‘Bookings made’ tick boxes when trying to find free slots, or when finding appointments already made. Do you have any Voyager Questions or Training Requests? Drop us an email: Join us on our Facebook group for updates and tips ‘IVC Voyager User Group’

Unticking Multiline Time Tip Unticking Multiline Time 1. Now that appointments take up one line you will have a clearer view of the days schedule without having to scroll down each column individually 2. Hover your mouse over the appointment to see the ‘appointment reason’ 3. Click the appointment once to bring up the patient/client’s details in the ‘Summary Bar’