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Staff Bulletin Final

Changes to our Pension

Changes to our Pension Scheme We know Pensions are not the most interesting topic for many people but please read this page as it does form an important part of your package!! You might be aware from press coverage and previous correspondence that with effect from April 2018 for most employees we are required by law to increase the level of employer and employee contributions to your workplace pension. Full details will be sent to you but a summary is shown below… • Current minimum contributions are 1% employer and 1% employee • With effect from the first pay date after 6 th April the total combined employer and employee contribution will increase to a minimum of 5% which will include a minimum employer contribution of 2% • These statutory minimums will increase again in April 2019 We will shortly be introducing some further changes to our Pension scheme to take advantage of legislation that will result in you having greater take home pay. Watch this space…!

Health & Safety News Dog bite incident There has been a recent incident where a staff member has been badly injured due to a dog bite. Due to how unpredictable some of our client’s pets can be, I thought it would be wise to highlight a recent incident that has occurred at an IVC practice. The incident occurred when a staff member approached a client’s dog to give them a treat. Even though the staff member asked for the client’s permission, as they knelt down to give the treat the dog then attacked the staff member resulting in severe facial injuries that could possibly scar. Resulting in this, the practice decided to review all policies to ensure that sufficient control measures are in place to prevent reoccurrence. These included: • Adding a pop up note on Voyager to warn that the client’s pet is aggressive • Providing basic animal behaviour training to all staff and keeping a written record • Reviewed their policy on giving their client’s pet treats If you haven’t already, could you please review what you currently have in place and check that it is up to speed to ensure prevention is top notch! REMINDERS Safety Media Online H&S Training Link: Accident Stats: these are to be sent in every quarter (previously annual) at the end of Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec via Google Survey. Remember, all employees have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your actions at work. If an employee notices anything that may affect yourself or anyone around you at work it is their responsibility, as well as the employers, to report it. Stay Safe Ian Morley, IVC Health and Safety Support Officer